Call Me Spoiled

I've got this camping trip planned with a bunch of friends. We'll be just a few miles from the beach. What would be more fun? Loads of great friends, tons of kids, sunshine on my face and wind in my hair. Campfires every night. Roasting marshmellows. Games, stories and camp songs.

Sure. Fun.

This is what comes to my mind: Hot, humid, sticky, overcrowded tent with all 3 kids and my husband. Mosquitos who seem to be drawn to me like flies to honey. Ticks. A hard ground. A fungus-growing, germ-ridden, bacteria-filled public shower. Cranky kids covered in sand. Heat exhaustion. Sunburn. Oh and sun poisoning.

Yeah, this is really sounding like my idea of fun. NOT.

I'll tell you what would be more fun: A nice cool air-conditioned hotel room (preferrably the Hilton) with a down comforter, a hot PRIVATE shower, a comfy bed and no sand in places I'd rather not mention.

That is definately more my speed.

I'm thinking this trip is probably going to be the longest 4 days of my life. I'll let you know if I survive. There will NOT be pictures.


Casey Griffin said…
Reading Cinderskella at the campfire yet? xD
Melanie J said…
Here's my secret: I live four blocks from the beach but I hate sand. Nice.
Amie B said…
ha ha! i'd love to live 4 blocks from the beach - IF i had a maid to clean up the sandy mess! :)
Amie B said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amie B said…
LOL Casey. No. We were too busy having water balloon fights!
Oh man--I just had the Rocky Mountain version of your miserable camping trip: cold, rainy, foggy, muddy, stinky doggy and did I mention cold?
Take my word for it. Insist on the Hilton!
Jackee said…
LOL! I haven't been over for awhile, sorry Amie. But this post was a great return back!

Just remember it is what you make it. Sand and all. (Ha, ha.) And I think you should post pictures for our enjoyment. We'll laugh with you--having all been there--not at you. :o)
Amie B said…
ha ha - thanks jackie. su-ure your laughing with me. :)

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