Why My Children Make Me Smile

My kids can say the darndest things sometimes. Where they come up with them, I'll never know. But while they're still young, I'll take it. Lock the memories inside and hope they'll be there to revisit whenever I want.

Some of my favorites:

We're at a talent show and there is a boy on a unicycle jumping rope. My 6 year old says, "Wow. That's impressive." I think it's impressive that she can use big words.

My 6 year old comes home from school one day and says, "I threw up randomly today." (Let it be known, I think what she was trying to say was that she urped and it happened out of nowhere)

That same 6 year old, when seeing a green car says, "That's just wrong." What? It's just wrong she even knows how to use that phrase.

My 10 year old hates the song "What do you want from me." Whenever they sing the chorus, she responds, "I want you to shut up."

That 10 year old also says, "That's nice. Freaky. But nice." Say wha?

One of that 10 year olds favorite songs is "Crazy" by Patsy Cline. I know. Go figure. When she was small - and I mean like 18 months old - she'd scream for the song every time we got in the car. When it ended, she'd cry. Offering other Patsy Cline songs, or even something on the radio was not acceptable. So I'd have to play the song over and over and over until we reached our destination just to prevent a spontaneous meltdown.

I will refrain from embarrassing my 12 year old since I know her friends read my blog. Sorry guys, no dirt on her today. :)

Although they come up with funny quips now and then, its the stories that make me laugh and the moments that make me cry that I will truly cherish. I see my children do random acts of kindness all the time. Like when my 12 year old cleans the house even when she's sick, or when my 10 year old sacrifices something she really wanted to make her sisters happy or when my 6 year old makes me breakfast in bed, even if it is carrot sticks and ranch dressing.

Since it is my 10 year old's birthday today, I'm going to cherish every moment of it. I'll smile when they leave dishes scattered through out the house. I'll quietly put the markers and crayons away, grateful the colors made it onto the paper and not my walls, table or carpet. I won't ask them to clean up the toy room because before long, there won't be a toy room to clean up - it will be replaced with clothes, music and make up. And I won't guilt them into staying little because the greatest joy of being a parent is watching my children grow into responsible, charitable adults.


Angie said…
Aw, that's so sweet. It is such a joy to watch kids grow up. I love the things my kids say too. It's good to record them. They're so easy to forget.
Amie B said…
thanks angie. they grow up way too fast. cherish every moment.
Daniel Cozart said…
I act the same way as your ten-year-old when it comes to my favorite song!
Amie B said…
too funny! sadly, she probably learned it from me :)

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