Ace of Amie

We don't get many opportunities for bragging rights and most of the time we're so modest we don't share our successes because we're afraid of looking self-absorbed.

But I'm taking this opportunity to boast.

For my daughter's 10th birthday I made some birthday cakes that, quite frankly, rocked! Ever watched Ace of Cakes? Well I may just challenge Duff to a throw down!

Okay - so they're not perfect, but since they were my first go at fondant I'm happy with the outcome. And personally, I think anything can look great with a little creativity! The frogs were actually a bear cake pan - but with vision, the ears become eyes and paws become flippers.

So what project have you completed that you're really proud of?


Anonymous said…
You did that with fondant???? Nice! So cute! Brag away, sista!!!!! :D
Amie B said…
sort of - the frogs were actually cakes that i covered with fondant...but the insects and stuff were created entirely from fondant. :)
Keri said…
The cakes look brilliant. The frogs look so cute! I can hardly make a cake, let alone use my initiative to design something like that.

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