ANNOUNCING....The Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors!

Well, there's big news out there in the literary world, and I'm honored to be a part of it! WOOT!

A few months ago 25 authors banded together and formed a brand new website/blog for all things Middle-Grade. We're "The Mixed Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors" and we're proud to be the only resource of its kind on the internet! We'll be blogging about middle-grade topics, doing book reviews, posting the latest news in middle-grade books, and of course providing all sorts of information for writers, teachers, librarians and kids who adore middle-grade books.

So come on over and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Jacketflap, Verla Kay and of course, please subscribe to our newsletter on our website and be sure to leave us a message there too!

And the best part? There's a huge book giveaway on the site for our launch, so you'll really want to be part of the excitement!

BONUS: I'm doing a book giveaway too! For the follower with the most amount of points, you'll receive a copy of "A Wrinkle in Time" one of my absolutely favorite middle-grade books.

For each of the following, you'll receive one point:

Follow my blog (you know the address!)
Follow me on Twitter
Friend me on Facebook
Visit my website and leave a message on my Guestbook
Follow The Mixed Up Files on Twitter
Follow/Like The Mixed Up Files on Facebook
Subscribe to the newsletter on The Mixed Up Files website

If you get a friend to do any of the above, that's an extra point for you! You must leave me a message here and your friend will have to leave a message too saying that you sent them.

So, get busy! And have fun!

Contest ends this Friday, June 11th! Winner will be announced Monday, June 14th!


Casey Griffin said…
Okay, so I did everything on the list... and I told Becca to follow your blog... so once she does, I'll have her come leave a comment. So that'll be eight points for me. Unless I can count Meredith. Because I already told you about her. -_- xD.
TokyoNinja said…
Casey sent me to your blog....and told me to follow it. That is all....Just that.
Amie B said…
you guys are da bomb!
Casey Griffin said…
So am I winning yet?!
Amie B said…
we've got till friday :)

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