Recently I received a rejection letter on a partial of my first manuscript (yes, i'm sending out 2 queries, for two projects at once) after waiting 4 months. I'm sure you ALL know how hard the waiting is. But I think it reaches a certain point and, at least for me, I've given up on the agent and relented to the fact that they probably aren't interested.

Then the email arrives.

Yep. They're not interested.

Well, at least they responded, right?

I guess.

So the rejection was pretty generic. A form. But at least the agent said, "I found it to be an enjoyable read." Ok, great....Still, I sense a "but" coming.

AH, yep. There it is. "...I don't feel passionate enough about it..."

Sigh. The passion thing.

Is that like dating and you just don't feel the chemistry? So you dump what was a really great guy/girl for the rebel that makes your heart race? The one who's got the mojo? The one who dumps you for that hot blonde/brunette/redhead with the big muscles/boobs/car?

Yeah, that's the one.

Years later when you're ready to start a real life, a family, you realize just how great that boring guy/gal was and that they'd make a fantastic husband/wife, father/mother. So that's what you start seeking. Because love/chemistry/passion comes in all degrees/shapes/sizes.

I guess maybe that's how agents feel about us. They're looking for chemistry and they just don't feel it with our books?

I'd ask, "How do you get chemistry?" but we all know the answer to that....voice, a great story, a hook, etc....

But what if you have all that - and really, you're not kidding yourself thinking you do - your book REALLY does have all that...then what?

Ok, I'm waiting....then what?

Srsly, then what?


Piedmont Writer said…
Seriously, you send out more queries and pray/hope/make deals with the devil you find an agent who loves you back. I've gotten how many rejections under my belt, partials included, still waiting for the one who says, "Oh yes, my love, you are the writer I've been waiting for all my life, do send me the full on this."

It's not fun, it's like going to the prom without a date, but we do it because we'd hate to miss out on Prom.
Amie B said…
ha ha! i missed prom! my boyfriend dumped me that night for the hot blonde with the big boobs.

but seriously, you're right. it's not a fun process. still we know (deep down) there's someone out there who is just as passionate about our work as we are. it's just finding them....
Rose Cooper said…
It's like finding a soulmate. There's that one agent out there who's right for you. But the hard part is we have to search and not just wait and hope to stumble upon them. And then when we find that one agent that's meant for us, it's magic. You connect, sparks fly. They fall in love with your manuscript. And you live happily ever after. Even Cinderella had to scrub a lot of floors before finding her Prince Charming.
Anonymous said…
I have NO idea what makes chemistry--for real. But somehow I recognize it when it's there. (Makes sense, don't it? NOT!) Anywho, I'm on my sixth novel now and for whatever reason, I'm feeling the chemistry. Maybe it's like the perfect storm of practice, getting feedback, incorporating, falling on my face a few dozen times, practicing some more, flailing my arms in desperation, practicing again, then magically GETTTING it. I don't know, whaddya think?
Amie B said…
for me it's the flailing my arms in desperation thing. alot of shaking fists at the sky too. :P
Casey said…
The picture cracked me up. xD.

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