Desperately Seeking Susan

She's my muse. And I miss her. A lot.

Ok, now I suppose it's not entirely her fault that she's not around. I ignored her when she wanted my attention. She'd beg for hours, fill my mind with wonderful words begging for life and I shooed her away like she was an annoying fly. She'd fill my head with dreams while I slept and I forgot them all once awake.

Even with all her persistence, I promised her I'd give her my time later. After teacher appreciation week. After the scrapbooks were done. After class picnics and kindergarten graduation. After school was out for the summer. After. After. After.

Now my time is free and I'm ready to work. But she's not around. Probably gone and walked off in a well deserved crossed-arm huff.

So how to get her back? Begging doesn't work - believe me, I've tried. Screaming? Nah. That just gives me a sore throat. Besides, my kids look at me funny.

There is only one way that I know. Read.

So I am. And guess what? I feel the twinges of the writing bug tugging at me around the edges of my heart as it races in anticipation of the growing stories in my head. It's calling to me.

Thankfully I learn quickly. I plan on taking advantage of every moment that Susan is around. Because heaven knows, I don't want to tick her off again.


Piedmont Writer said…
My muse only comes when I don't want her to...namely at 3 in the morning. However, because she likes me, she usually comes back around 7, after caffeine.
That was a cute post!

You've reminded me that I need to spend more time with my kids before they disppear (grow up) on me. ;)
Amie B said…
thank you!

the years do seem to pass so quickly, don't they? i saw toy story 3 yesterday and had to cover my mouth to stop the sobs before i embarrassed myself.

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