I hadn't ever really listened to the words of this song until my friend posted it on facebook. And I thought - have I let my story go unwritten? I hope you haven't.

In the words of Natasha Bedingfield:
Staring at the blank page before you, open up the dirty window, let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find.

So, open up that window. Clear your mind of clutter and the things which distract you from putting your words on paper. And write that story! The one that you've been longing to write. Do it for you. Do it for everyone who believes in you. Do it because it's what gives you breath.


Erinn said…
Very nice post. Inspirational and cool. Natasha Bedingfield is a great singer and this is solid song by her. her song "The One Who Got Away" is also pretty great too.
Crissy said…
Great song! Your words are very inspiring!
Jaydee Morgan said…
Great advice - now to follow it :)
Have a great weekend!
Lydia Kang said…
I've heard this song a million times on the radio but I never really heard the lyrics. Wow! Thanks for illuminating me!
Hey, I like! Now if only I wasn't in the middle of my edits. But then again, this is the book that I needed to write. ;)
I love this song! And it's so appropriate for me today... I've been totally procrastinating writing the next scene in my WIP. Okay, but tonight when I sit down to write, I'm totally going to play this song and WRITE! =)

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