50 Followers CONTEST

I'm crazy. Or amazing. Or both. But I have THE most epic contest ever - EVER -planned for August 20th!! Seriously folks, this contest will include multiple books, critiques and the most awesome cookies you'll ever eat in your lifetime. No joke. And if I reach 75 followers by the contest, I'll sweeten the deal! Plus, this contest will be the easiest ever to enter. No confusing points to calculate. Just an entry. So srsly, you won't want to miss this!

In the meantime, while you anxiously await my Epic 50 Followers Contest, you still have my Awesome New Blog Contest to enter! If you haven't already entered, you only have two more days! So read about it here, then enter, share, tweet and blog about it. Contest ends on Friday the 13th, then return on Saturday to see who the lucky winner is!


Casey said…
Wait, so... do we enter now and then it ends on August 20th, or do we enter on August 20th? Because if we enter now, this is my entry. Yup. xD
Amie B said…
hey casey - no, i'm just gearing up for it. the contest won't begin until the 20th, so you'll enter then! sorry i didn't make that clear.
Meredith said…
Can't wait! Sounds like it's going to be epic :)
Alissa Nicolau said…
Your new blog design is Beau-ti-ful!

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