AHHHHHH!! (add inflection variations as necessary)

That's how I've felt this week. Here's why:

*My girls went back to school
*Blessed "me" time has found its way back into my life
*Early mornings + Night owl = not a happy camper
*Word counts are increasing
*Manuscript critiquing for friends
*My kids found my chocolate stash!

What have you been up to? Anything make you go, "AHHHH" lately?

OH - and BTW - for many days now blogger has said I'm not following any blogs. That's just crazy talk! So if you're wondering why I'm not commenting, it's because I"m not getting my update feed! AHHHH!!


Erinn said…
School starts up for me next week, I'm a teacher so its a very different experience when you find the time, I lose it.
Amie B said…
oh - i'm sorry! maybe after school? or after, after school - like at bedtime!
Anonymous said…
My AHHHHH! moment is drumming up the courage for revisions. I know what I want to do, I just need to figure out how to do it, LOL!
KO said…
Yay for "me" time... and I love the feeling of Fall in the air we've had lately in Connecticut. Definitely an Ahhhhh moment for me.
Shelley Sly said…
I totally hear you on the Ahhhh moments! I'm starting up a new job AND getting ready to query, all in the same week! Ahhhh is right!

Glad to hear some of the items on your list are good ones!
Casey said…
Well, at least you're reading Mocking Jay... that helps smooth over the bads ;-)
Cruella Collett said…
So your vacation starts when your kids's end? I suppose that makes sense. Regarding "Mokingjay" - I just started the first book. I have heard about them from EVERYONE I know lately, so I realized it was time to see what the buzz was about. So far, the buzz has been worth every word! Loving it! (The only problem is that I haven't got the time to read right now...)

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