Back on Track

Have you found that the summer has caused you to get off track with your writing? I know I feel that way for sure. In fact, I'm not just off track, I'm completely derailed.

But it's time to get back on track! Right? Who's with me?

Can I get a "Woot, Woot!" C'mon. You know you want to.

I guess getting back on track will be a good thing for me in more ways than one. Not only will I finally write some new words, but, since I'm one of those parents that still cries when her kids go back to school, writing will help get my mind off of missing them!

So it's back to work. Back to being creative, inspired and working my butt off. And maybe, before long there will be that cherished reward of typing those final words of a manuscript, "THE END".

But then there's query letters....hmmm...on second thought, maybe I'll just enjoy summer a little longer.

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Terri Tiffany said…
Good for you getting back on track! I've seen it affect many writers that way.
Casey said…
I like your last two sentences xD "Ah, maybe I'll just enjoy the summer a little bit longer."
I hear you. I'm trying to finish the edits to my ms before I send it to the final (?) beta readers. Now it doesn't look like that will happen until some time this September. On the bright side, this means I don't have to start the querying process for a while. :D

Since all my kids will be in school full time this year (sob), I'm not too stressed at the slow pace of my writing. I know I'll have a chance to catch up soon.
Lydia Kang said…
"Woot Woot!*

There you go! I think all of us have had a bit of a lazy summer. It's summer, after all!

Good luck on getting the creativity flowing again!
Elisa Jeglin said…
I can't believe summer is already starting to wind down, what happened to my goal of having my first draft done? Aaaah, I'm six chapters away, but still...

I guess I better get a move on if I want to stay on track.
Maybe this will help you get back on won the Pre-Release copy of The Iron Bodkin at my blog!! :D Yay!!

Shoot me an email with your mailing info at amyacook(at)live-dot-com.
Amie B said…
woot! woot! thanks amy!
Jen said…
I wish you the best of luck climbing back on the writing train, making sure to chug away at all the thousands of words you'll write (enough with the train analogies, though they make me giggle)

I just kind of fell off the tracks, I have my ideas in place but I have too many and I'm not sure where to begin. I completed two novels, one which needs to be completely re-written and the other in revisions, do I go with a sexy new idea or polish an old one? That's where the stress comes in.

Good Luck! Happy Writing!

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