Drum Roll Please...

Will the fabulous CHERSTI NIEVEEN please step forward? You've just won a QUERY CRITIQUE, a bag of smooth and creamy DOVE PROMISES (you can even choose milk or dark chocolate), and a brand new copy of MOCKING JAY by Suzanne Collins!!

Chersti had an astounding 23 points! And I know (because I follow her on twitter) that she tweeted the contest like a gazillion times. Thanks Chersti! I hope you enjoy your prizes!

Send me an email at amiegr8tstuff -@- aol - (dot) com so I can get your address information!

And for the rest of you, thank you all for entering, sending your friends, tweeting, blogging and sharing the joy of this contest!

If you're bummed that you didn't win....NEVER FAIL! I have the most EPIC contest ever planned for August 20th. There will be a guest author, 3 books, a query critique, and a first chapter critique! I also promised that if I reached 75 followers before the next contest that I'd up the anty. SoOoOoo...if you've noticed, I've got 75 awesome peeps! So keep visiting this week. There's something sweet on Monday and something epic on Friday! So, you'll just have to see what I've got planned. This is one you won't want to miss!


Terri Tiffany said…
congrats to the winner! Ok, so I didn't win but I will be back again to try again:)
Julie Musil said…
Amie, can't wait to read about your piece in bellaonline!
Jaydee Morgan said…
Congrats Chersti - way to go!
Casey said…
:-( I'm so sad. But I WILL WIN THE EPIC CONTEST. -_- Count on it.

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