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This is it! My much anticipated 50 followers contest! As promised, since I've exceeded 75 followers, I've sweetened the deal. It's also MY BIRTHDAY TODAY and one of my favorite things is to give! So I'm totally stoked I get to share this day – and all its prizes and awesomeness - with you!

My dear friend and neighbor, Shelena Shorts, has joined us for an interview! I’m so excited to have her with us. She's the author of two YA fantasy/sci-fi books, THE PACE and its sequel (which was just released yesterday - yay for book birthdays!) THE BROKEN LAKE. Thanks for walking all the way across the cul-de-sac for this, Shelena!

Me: What made you decide to write YA? I mean, why not MG or even adult novels?

Shelena: I’ve taught 11th grade English for a long time and I’m always reading what they’re reading and ALWAYS thinking of ways I can entertain them, either through a non-boring lesson or a book. So it was natural. I wouldn’t ever have thought to write a book they couldn’t or wouldn’t read.

Me: So being a high school English teacher must really influence your writing then.

Shelena: Yes! Definitely. I try to think how teens like to think. I know they want to be challenged but not too much and they hate to be under challenged. That’s insulting and almost as bad as pushing them too hard. I keep all of that in mind when figuring out how the plot will unfold.

Me: Who would you say are your biggest influences, your favorite authors?

Shelena: Nicholas Sparks and Stephenie Meyer. I love Nicholas Sparks for his ability to write amazing love stories, and Stephenie Meyer for the way she creates characters people care about beyond the pages of the book.

Me: I know you did something a little different than most authors - you decided to take a risk and go with a small publisher instead. Why?

Shelena: Anyone who has written a book knows how hard it is to grab the attention of a large publishing house, including me! So I had a choice of 1. keep waiting for it to possibly never to arrive or 2. Choose my own path which would at least give people a chance to read it if they wanted to. So, for me, it was about giving it a chance.

Me: When we were both writing our manuscripts we talked about sequels. What made you decide to write one?

Shelena: Well I knew I was planning to eventually write a sequel because I had long term hopes for Sophie and Wes, but I had no plans of writing it so soon. I didn’t even know if people would like my idea of Wes or not, so I initially planned to wait and see what people thought. I started really writing The Broken Lake in September 2009, once I found out people wanted to read more. It definitely made me put my butt in gear, and it’s been non-stop ever since!

Me: It’s true. I've been stalking, I mean, reading the reviews on Goodreads and she's got a real following. Congratulations on your success and thanks so much for chatting with us today!

Shelena: Thanks Amie, I appreciate you having me!

Now for the giveaway part…..!!

Prize #1: Shelena has graciously agreed to give away signed copies of THE PACE and THE BROKEN LAKE (both books to one lucky winner) *squee* She’s also included some swag (2 Pace/Broken Lake bookmarks and 3 Pace pencils) *double squee*

Prize #2: A QUERY CRITIQUE by the fabulous Rose Cooper. Believe me, you WANT this! Rose is amazing at query critiques.

Prize #3: A signed copy of ANGEL STAR by Jennifer Murgia. Jennifer has attended lots of events and is receiving great reviews. Congrats Jennifer and thanks for including your book in my giveaway!

Prize #4: A FIRST CHAPTER CRITIQUE by yours truly! I’ve critted for Rose, and she’ll vouch for me that I’m pretty dang good at it. *crickets chirp* Um, right, Rose? :)

Prize #5: A hardcover copy of PROPHECY OF THE SISTERS (a gothic YA fantasy) by Michelle Zink.

And finally, Prize #6: Okay – so originally I was going to give away 2 pounds of my homemade triple chocolate fudge cookies (gourmet cookies that weigh ¼ pound each – they also happen to be Shelena’s favorite cookies) but I thought maybe you guys would think it was a tad weird to eat something homemade from someone you don’t know….so instead I’m going to include a bag of OREO’s (your choice of Mint, Regular or Double Stuff). Unless, of course, you'd prefer the homemade cookies, then I'd be happy to oblige. However, there is a disclosure: "Amie Borst is hereby released from all guilt because of any weight gain that you should incur from the consumption of said baked goods."

How to enter:
Just leave a comment! That’s it!

Want extra entries?
Tweet it.
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Share it on Facebook.
Get a friend to follow and leave a comment with who sent them (that’s an extra entry for both of you...yeah, new followers will automatically get 2 entries; one for joining and one for commenting)!

In order for extra entries to count, you have to tell me/leave a link in the comments. With the exception of bringing new followers to my blog, I will only count one extra entry per category per day.

Contest ends at midnight on Tuesday, August 31st, 2010. Winners will be drawn randomly and announced on Wednesday, September 1st, 2010.


Abhishek Duggal said…
Happy Birthday!

forsurveysonly at gmail dot com
Casey said…
Happy birthday!! This is a totally awesome contest and I'm so excited to enter *pumps fist in the air*!

So... this is my entry.
Tweeting it.
Blogging it/putting it on my nifty new sidebar-thing...
Facebook'd it.
Larissa said…
Fun contest! I hope you have a fantastic birthday! :)

lchardesty at yahoo dot com
Sara B. Larson said…
What a great contest! I'd totally go for the homemade cookies, they sound delish! ;) I hope you have a great birthday!!!
Jenilyn Tolley said…
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!!
Jacob said…
Happy Birthday! I'm totally leaving this comment just for the homemade cookies :)
T. Anne said…
~~~***hApPy BiRtHdAy***~~~ Have a WonDerFul day!!!!!!!!!!!
Amie B said…
thanks all for the birthday wishes! you've made my day!
Rose Cooper said…
Happy Birthday, Amie! I hope you have an awesome day, you really deserve it! And yes, you are awesome at crits! And anyone who reads this should know that a crit from you is a spectacular prize and would be so lucky to get that!!!
Wow! What an incredible contest! I'm soooooooo glad you let me know!

Happy Birthday!
Katie Ganshert said…
I hope your kids have an excellent first day at school on Monday!
Happy Birthday. Since I'm international I'll not enter but awesome contest.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday! Now go do something crazy. Just don't get caught.

Stephen Tremp
Terri Tiffany said…
Wow!! This is some contest!! But more importantly HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
Shelley Sly said…
I stopped by before and followed, but didn't have time to comment. But now that I've finished making dinner...

(I don't recommend blogging while you have food on the stove, just saying. :) )

Happy Birthday! I'm happy to have found your blog! :D
WritersBlockNZ said…
Ahhhh!!!! Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a FANTASTIC day. You've got some incredible prizes there! I've got my fingers and toes crossed :) I'll tweet about this for you!
Cruella Collett said…
Happy birthday and congratulations on your followers! :)
Gen said…
hi there! My friend Tania sent me to follow your blog :)
Tania McCue said…
Hey there! Can I get an extra entry for having a husband who shares your birthday ? LOL.

I am gonna win this one, I can feel it :)

I tweeted, I am gonna FB this and blog about it, and my friend is all set to come on over and follow you...come tomorrow, I am gonna get you another follower, at least!!

Tania McCue said…
Oh, and...Happy birthday!!!
Christina said…
awesome giveaways! (and happy late bday!)

I'm a new follower and I got my sister to follow as well! I'll get her to comment also (Angela Sharp)
Also, tweeted at
Erinn said…

Follower +1
Tweeted +1
Commented + 1
Blogged + 1
Sidebar + 1
Deborah Ann said…
Aw, happy birthday!

I'll skip the book giveaway though...I have too many to read the way it is. Just visiting blogs today. So glad I found you!
Maura said…
Love your blog! I got your name from Tania, and am following you now!
Jaydee Morgan said…
Happy belated birthday - I'm a little slow getting to all my blog reads. And cool contest!
KO said…
Hey Amie, and happy birthday (late)!

I heard about this on Erinn's blog (

Great contest-- thanks for sharing the love.
I am a new follower, and put it up in the sidebar of my blog.
angela sharp said…
Happy Birthday and i heard about this from Christina Ferko. i also posted this on my facebook:
Anonymous said…
BTW, I just totally blogged about you again! Hopefully you'll at least get some new followers out of it!
Taffy said…
I love finding more great books to add to me TBR list!
Misha1989 said…
Happy Birthday!
Please enter me only if this is International.
Julie Musil said…
I missed your birthday! So very sorry. I hope it was special.

Great interview!
Christine Danek said…
I am a follower
I blogged about it and put it in my sidebar.
Hope you had a great birthday!
Amie B said…
the contest is now closed! thanks for entering!

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