The 7 Different Kinds of Crit Partners

Remember my post on Mixed-Up Files a while back? Of the biggest writing mistakes, I primarily focused on taking a crit and applying it successfully.

As I've had lots of different critiques on my manuscript,I've come to learn one thing: There are as many varied critters as there are writers.

But what if you have a crit partner that isn't good? They seem to be stuck on one type of crit and one type of crit only.

In good fun, I've highlighted my favorites. (Warning: if you have absolutely no sense of humor, please do not read any further)

THE GRAMMAR QUEEN: this person is insistent on following every single grammar rule even if it means you loose your writing voice. run on sentences and fragments will cause convulsions of the writing kind.

THE KISS UP: this person (usually a friend or family member) finds absolutely nothing wrong with your manuscript. not one single flaw! they believe your writing is perfect and that any attempt at revision is a complete waste of your time just further delaying the inevitable publication of your masterpiece.

THE REWRITER: this crit partner rewrites every. single. sentence. even when nothing was wrong with the original sentence. ex - In the morning Mary puts on her blue dress and black shoes. their suggestion: Mary puts on her blue dress and black shoes, in the morning.

THE ECHO MASTER: kind of like a jedi master, with the magical, cosmic help of "the echo" they point out every instance that there is a repeat word. even when the repeat was purposeful. even when the repeat was purposeful.

THE STYLE SNOB: they only like one style of writing - their own. yours sucks. unless of course, you change your style of writing to be more like theirs. then it is wonderful.

THE OPINIONATOR: they are the only ones with an opinion that counts. they will give you advice even when you don't want it. they insist that their suggestions are the only ones that matter and you can forget about all the other crit partners, because really, they have no idea of what they're talking about.

THE KNOW-IT-ALL: this crit partner has been there, done that and did i mention they did it better than you, the first time they tried? they wonder what on earth you find so difficult about writing and wish that you'd just do a little research before bothering them with your amatuerish manuscript again.

Now it's time to laugh at yourself - which crit partner are you?

Confession - I know I've been guilty of each of these at some point...


hahah! GREAT post - and yeah, I've probably done all of them too at some point - except grammar queen. Really bad at grammar!
One of my friends is the style snob. She's been known to adjust a sentence and I've ignored it because it doesn't sound right. Or I've changed it to her suggestion, and someone crosses it out. Though sometimes she's smack on.

I haven't had too many problems with these critter types. The ones I hate the most are the ones who make a few comments and leave you with the impression your novel is ready to be queried . . . and it isn't.
Christine Danek said…
This is too funnny. I'm definately not the grammar gal. I'm so not good at it. :)
Hmm. I've probably most of them, but I'm no grammar queen. LOL.
Jaydee Morgan said…
Love this list! I think I used to be a combination of The Echo Master and The Style Snob....kind of an Echo-Style Snobster ;)
Meredith said…
Haha, I'm definitely grammar police! I have to work to give comments on the bigger picture. Love this post!
Rose Cooper said…
This is great!! haha I've probably done a little of each at one point, not even realizing it! Definitely not the grammar though. I break all the grammar rules so I couldn't crit someone on that!! As I read this i'm thinking, uh oh--which one do you think I am the last time I critiqued your ms, LOL.
Lola Sharp said…
Ha ha! Fun! (I've been a bit of all of these, too.)

Actually, the CP 'type' I really don't care for is the CP that doesn't really do anything but a few copy edits.

Your blog is lovely. I'm new here. *waves* (from Talei's)
Nice to meet you.

Anonymous said…
You forgot one: THE PERFECT, OH-MY-GOD-EVERY-IDEA-IS-GOLD-AND-WHY-DIDN'T-I-THINK-OF-THAT CRITTER. That's me, I'm sure. *can't even type this with a straight face*

LOL, great post! :D
Tamika: said…
Too funny! I think I fall between the Style Snob and Everything is Perfect:)
WritersBlockNZ said…
LOL! This post had me cracking up. I think at times I can be an opinionated style-snob hehe
T. Anne said…
Ouch!I hope I haven't imposed too many of those crit sins on my partners. Great post to learn from!
Terri Tiffany said…
LOL This is sooo funny! Especially the snob!!
I am blessed to have some really good critiquers, and we each make up a part of a good critique.I tend to do well with one area, and they each have their gifts.
Kittie Howard said…
LOL! Really funny! Especially the grammar queen. (I needed a good laugh, thanks!) Actually, I take everybody's advice then do my own thing (but clean it up as I go, thanks to input.)
A said…
Oh man, pure gold. I have to fight my Kiss Up urges every single day. If I don't put my CP hat on straight, I'm excited about every new idea to the point of being useless. I've improved enormously from my first attempts, and developed the ability to (mostly) evolve from cheerleader to useful beta as the novel progresses, but if you ever want some pom poms, I'm your girl.
Amie Kaufman said…
Whoops, that was me. Pesky enter key.
Bethany said…
omg. I am a Grammar Queen and Echo Master...both...big time! When I edit Keith's papers, I ALWAYS tell him when he's used a word too many times. LOL
nice titles and comparisons though! i'll have to show Keith!
Shelley Sly said…
Haha, this is great!! I hope I haven't been any of these personalities to my past crit partners... and as I'm looking for a new critter now, I hope I don't find one of these types coming my way either!
Gah. I just finished going through my 9th and final critique and I'm pretty sure I saw ALL of these.
Eric Bishop said…
i'm all of the above with the exception of grammar and punctuation

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