Announcing Free Query Critique Friday

As many of you know, last month I held a pretty fab contest (at least I like to think so). The contest included some awesome prizes. For me though, the coolest prize was what I learned about YOU!

I've realized that there is a really big need for critiques. Whether its because many of you don't have your own crit groups, or because you're just looking for someone else's opinion, the demand was high all around.

That got me thinking....

The one thing I needed most (and still do) is help and critiques! I really wish I'd had that help early on because I think it would have made all the difference.

Plus one of my favorite things to do is help others. I know, it sounds like a silly hobby, but for me, it's really rewarding.

So this is what I've decided....

Starting September 24th, every Friday will be Free Query Critique Friday!

Yep - you heard me. I"m crazy.

How to enter:

Each Friday (excluding today) all you will have to do is post your query letter in the comments. That's it!

I will choose one of those letters to critique, the author will apply the feedback and both the before and after will be posted on my blog the following Friday.

Simple, right?

And don't worry - if your query isn't chosen, keep entering! There's no limit to how many times you can enter!

There's also another surprise! (It keeps getting better, doesn't it?)

From those query letters, one will be chosen to have a first chapter critique! Yep! A WHOLE chapter!

So spread the word! Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, shout it to the sky...however you need to share it, just do it!

Just so you know - ya'll are total awesomesauce.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


Jen said…
Amie this is so super sweet of you! I'm not in that stage yet, I'm still working on revising!

I recently started a new idea and I'm running with that at the moment until I can tackle this whole writing thing!

Look forward to seeing all the query letters that flow in though!!! And when I'm ready hopefully you're still running it :)
Jaydee Morgan said…
That's very generous of you. I so wish I had a query letter ready to go. Even though, I'll be back to learn all I can :)
Jess said…
Great contest--I'm already in a query critique contest thingy, so I don't want to take this excellent opportunity from anyone else. Otherwise, I'd jump at the chance!
Rose Cooper said…
I can't believe you hid this awesomeness from me! What a great opportunity for writers!! I think we can all agree, Amie rocks!
Amie B said…
thanks guys!

this is something that i intend to make permanent. so don't feel like you have to hurry to get a letter in. if it's ready in 2 weeks, 2 months, 6 months....whatever...i'll be around!
MT said…
Excellent idea, and so helpful. Even those who don't enter will benefit from the subsequent posts. Thanks!
Talei said…
Absolutely! Fantastic idea, very generous Amie - thank you! :)
Angie said…
Super sweet of you. I'm still working on the ideas you had with mine. And I agree, I really like doing crits and helping others. Maybe I should consider doing something similar - only not with queries. I'm not qualified to do that yet.
Sara B. Larson said…
Wow, that's awesome! And I love the look of your blog btw. Someday I'm going to have to figure out how to have all those cool buttons and stuff. :) Happy Friday!
Hi, Amie. That's great that you're doing this. I'm going to start criting beginnings, so maybe you can send some people my way and I'll do the same.

Also, if any of your readers are looking for a crit group, we have two openings and are hosting a contest right now to fill those spots. They can go to my blog for more details.

Lynnette Labelle
Elisa said…
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. This is fabulous and so helpful. It's so awesome of you to do this, especially with how busy you are with your own work and little ones.
Btw, kudos for using awesomesauce in a blog.
Great idea!! That will be so helpful to check out!
You really ARE nice to do this!

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