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I'm not here today. Nope. You don't see me. And you're not really reading these words. *Waves hand slowly using The Force* These are not the droids you are looking for.

I'm at C.K. BRYANT'S Blog. So, please, please visit me there. I promise it will be well worth your time.

*whispers* There might just be a contest, but you never heard that from me. Nope. Not from me. ;)


I'm off to check it out! :D
RaShelle said…
Hey Amie - Um, here you go. *covers eyes*

Dear Agent,

Smelly Shelly is a “normal” thirteen year old girl whose real name is Shalimar. She thinks her name is a curse, as well as her life. Then she meets and befriends her new neighbor, Narissa. Narissa is beautiful and collects knives like some people collect stamps. She also has an amazing ability, she can do magic.

Shalimar is sick of being called Smelly Shelly and of no longer fitting in. So with Narissa’s help, they sneak her into Carnaby, a magical world created by two of the greatest wizards to ever live. Inside the world, is an Emerald necklace, which gives the wearer magical powers. Shalimar is certain that with Narissa’s abilities, her used-to-be friends will once again accept her. But when they arrive in Carnaby, they realize the world isn’t what it seems. Something is causing it and everything magical to get sick, including Narissa.

Now, Shalimar’s quest isn’t just to find the Emerald necklace and the magic she so desperately desires. Smelly Shelly needs to find a way to save her friend. A boy named Kevin shows up and says he wants to help, but she doesn’t think he can be trusted.

The more time she spends in Carnaby, the more she begins to realize the Queen might be causing the sickness and that being “normal” may be the only way to keep Narissa alive.

Carnaby’s Magic is a 45,000 word middle-grade novel. It will appeal to girls and boys between the ages of 8 to 12 and beyond.

Thank you for your time. If interested in seeing more of Carnaby’s Magic, you can reach me by e-mail or cell phone. I look forward to hearing from you.


An Author

Amie B said…
awesome RaShelle!

I should have mentioned this - but be sure to leave your email address at the end of the query...i don't want to publically crit anyone's query - unless they want me to.
Jaydee Morgan said…
Great interview! Wish I had a query ready to go - very nice offer though.
RaShelle said…
Here's my email: rashelleworkmanatgmaildotcom. Thanks!!
kbrebes said…

Amie, YOU'RE RIGHT! A good book IS dark and sweet like chocolate!

Maybe I can get a query ready!
How fun and perfect timing for me to. Thanks :)

Dear Agent:

Taking six children to see Santa every year and watching them go from screaming in horror one year to complete adulation the next prompted me to write Santa Claws where humorous childish fears are conquered.

The young child in this story lives in a world where Christmas is bright colored lights and choo-choo trains that chase round each Christmas tree. He walks down the street in wonder as sweet white and bright red candy cane are stuck to every smile.

As he enters a department store, a mean old man ho-ho-hoes right up to him and scares the tears right from his eyes.

Later that night as his Dad explains the wonder of Santa Claus he has his own questions. What kind of claws does Santa have, and is it true, does he keep one big giant list that he sticks children to?

Santa Claws is 738 words of fun and excitement for the entire family and is the third book I am submitting for publication.

My first book Mother’s Daze was introduced to the national market in March 2010 by the first publisher I sent it to. It sold 10,000 copies in the first 3 months. Mother's Daze 911 will be out March 2011.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely Author
MT said…
Sounds fun! I'll have to check it out. Good luck with your guest post. :)
Angie said…
Just joined in. Here's my query for Nikki's Wish, my 90K YA paranormal romance - I've left out all the dears and stuff. You can send it back to me at Thanks! I'll be visiting your blog more frequently.

When Nikki Dreyer follows a strange boy to the top of Minneapolis's Foshay Tower her only intent is to return his wallet. Instead she witnesses him survive a 450-foot fall and discovers that Sam isn’t just a chance miracle. He’s a genie.

In exchange for her silence, Sam promises Nikki one wish, and she knows exactly what she wants – her twin sister returned from the dead. But there’s a catch. Sam's nefarious master, Maxine, has to make the wish for her, and Maxine has no interest in resurrecting dead sisters. She’d rather toss Nikki into the Mississippi River than let Sam think he’d done something that good.

Soon Nikki realizes how to get her sister back -all she has to do is trick Maxine into wishing Sam free. But for an impulsive twin, accomplishing such a task without her sister isn’t going to be easy. It doesn’t help that Sam understands exactly how she feels or that he has somehow replaced her twin’s voice in her head. That healing thing everyone talks about? Kinda scary. Falling for the boy-genie who doctors her broken family? Even more so because if Maxine were to find out about their budding love, well let’s just say being bludgeoned to death by her lover is not the prom night Nikki's hoping for. She knows her sister would have the answer to setting Sam free, but finding it without Shani's help may mean she’ll have to let her sister go.
Anonymous said…
Hi Amie! How generous! My query is definitely a work in progress, but here goes:

In a world where a vaccine has given some the gift of immorality, seventeen-year-old Justin Talent is living the life of an outcast. The going rumor is that his blood is poisonous to the bloodsucking immortals. But one cruel vampire wannabe, Alex, knows that anemic blood, in small doses, gives a drug-like high, and he wants to keep Justin as a source for his addiction. Justin has no intention of being a personal pharmacy for Alex, especially when the leech is responsible for the death of his kid sister. He's got a great plan to kill Alex—overdose him with his own blood—but he’s got to figure out how to get close enough to do it without losing his own life in the process.
Casey said…
I shudder at how crappy my query is xD But isn't that the point?! I must LEARN... and my e-mail is, but you can review my query publicly. I don't care. Maybe I'll get more followers. xD And it's pretty generic, what with my impersonal "Dear Agent" greeting xD I'll have to fix that.

Dear Agent,
It’s not like Lissa isn’t a normal girl. She watches Buffy and House with her mom, her friends aren’t really friends at all, and she just wants to fit in. Unfortunately for her, everything’s just a little more complicated than that.

Immortalis is the story of the girl now known as Lissa. She is one of the hundred Immortalis created at the dawn of time, made to watch over time itself and ensure that humanity was developing the way that it was always meant to. Everything is certain in all of the Immortals’ lives, but for Genevieve - her name at the time - one question is unanswered: what is their real purpose?

It’s not exactly an easy answer, but it’s not exactly one of those “what-you-don’t-know-can’t-hurt-you” deals. Lissa’s a bright girl. She knows that.

So the question remains: do YOU?
Rachel Fenton said…
Consider me also not here....
Thanks for the opportunity. I loved your post.

Dear acquisitions editor,

Corporate soldier Antony Danic has never killed an innocent man— or doubted the integrity of the people he works for—until now. First, a not-so-subtle death threat from a fellow employee is directed at both him and his wife. That, combined with the fact that his last few assignments resemble personal revenge instead of corporate espionage, make him ask questions, and he’s not sure he wants the answers.

With the announcement of his wife's pregnancy after ten years of infertility, he realizes he must protect the most innocent life of all—his unborn child. When he botches a hit, his carefully woven security net begins to unravel. And as he scrambles to find a safe way out of his "till death do us part" contract, he faces the decision of his life: continue with business as usual—or do what's right, even if it puts his family in jeopardy.

Emergence is an 87,000 word work of science fiction. I wrote Emergence as a stand-alone; however, I have story lines planned and written for a series following Antony in the future.

You can learn more about me on my blog,, my Facebook page, C. Michelle Jefferies, on Twitter at cmjefferies, and my website,

Thank you for your time.
Sincerely, C. Michelle Jefferies
Ah I forgot the email addy.

cmichellejefferies at gmail dot com
Jackee said…
Off to check it out!
Talli Roland said…
Headed over to check it out!

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