One of Those Months...

I'm kinda having one of those months where every day is going by in a blur and I can't find a single moment to accomplish any of my goals.

Like today for instance - I'm so busy, so entirely overwhelmed and wrapped-up in day-to-day living that this post published without a title. Oy.

Then there's my to do list. Todays list includes cleaning 3 of my 5 bathrooms, doing laundry, changing bed linens, cleaning out closets, straightening up bedrooms, critting 2 query letters, shipping off 2 packages,squeezing in a 3 mile walk/run, making dinner, helping kids with projects/homework, finishing my blog post for The Mixed-Up Files, and if I'm lucky....EDITING. (that's just the stuff I can remember)

Yes, the blog post and editing should be at the top of my list....but somehow life always pushes the things I really want to do to the bottom of the pile.

Is that maybe like an agent's slush pile? They have the stuff they have to get done every day - including working with their existing clients. Then, maybe, when they get some time, they look through that slush pile.

It's also easy to imagine why it might be a bottom-list priority. Let's face it. They get loads of crap.

Kind of like my current manuscript.

Which is probably why I'm avoiding editing it.

It's too much work!

But, thanks to my fabulous crit partners (yes, you know who you are....and yes, that's your offical title...remember: no good deed goes unpunished!) I think my manuscript can be so freaking awesome.

So...if you'll excuse me now...I think I'll get back to WORK!

editoral note: i finished those crits late last night. and stayed up till 2 am working (but not finishing) the mixed-up files post. so although my to-do list is being checked off - i'm so tired today i might not get to the rest of it. sigh.


Great analogy - and probably vey true!
Terri Tiffany said…
so okay-- I stopped on the five bathrooms. Seriously, FIVE???
Get back at that editing! now!
When you put it that way, now I see why it takes so long for agents to go through the slush pile. And considering some queries I've read, I'd rather clean toilets than read a 100 poorly written queries.
Jaydee Morgan said…
I agree - I think this analogy works well, though, like Terri, I got stuck on the five bathrooms. Yikes!

Good luck finding that precious time you need :)
I think we all have days like this. But you know, whatever doesn't get done today will be there waiting tomorrow.

Here's an idea... five bathrooms = five days of the week. Just coincidence? I think not. :)
Anonymous said…
I feel the same way. I've neglected a lot of things over the summer. Now its time to pay the piper. Get things done. And domehoe manage to find time to write.

Stephen Tremp
Meredith said…
I hate when day to day life gets in the way of writing! SO frustrating. Good luck with it!
Sara B. Larson said…
Life really is crazy-busy isn't it? I feel like I'm losing my mind from trying to remember everything I'm supposed to be getting done all the time. Oh well, all we can do is our best. :)
Erinn said…
I've been running around non stop since I work up this morning @ 5:45. now aa2 7:55 is the first time I"ve been able to sit and check my e-mail and comment on blogs.

Stupid real life. Almost none of it, cleaning and doing laundry, are things I enjoy. But Writing and reading yep, those are pretty low on the list. Urgh
Casey said…
Aww... you have one more bathroom than us! I feel gypped. xD

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