Blogs You Must See

During the week I found some pretty cool blogs and read some great posts. Although I thought about hording them all to myself (mine, mine, mine) I decided the nice thing would be to share them with you!

Juanita did a great post about the differences between YA and MG. So many writers struggle with this and Juanita clearly defined it. You must read it!

Rose Cooper started a new blog featuring the main character from her book Gossip From The Girls Room (to be released January 2011 from Random House). It's way cute! She even held a contest to feature one lucky reader in her next book! But that contest is over now. You missed it. Sorry. (It was all part of my evil plan so that I can win. Mwuhahahaha)

My group blog, From The Mixed-Up Files, welcomed 4 new members. Plus we have amazing posts all the time. If you're not reading it on a regular basis I will have no choice but to beat you with a wet noodle.


It is Free Critique Friday!

So if you have a query letter - OR - a first page you'd like me to crit, be sure to leave a one line pitch (or the query) in the comments. I'll choose one to critique and post the before and after right here on my blog!

Have a great weekend everyone!


KO said…
thanks-- oh so helpful, especially the MG/YA line, which I feel I'm always dancing around!
Terri Tiffany said…
You shouldn't have asked:) LOL But glad you did-- I need help again with this one!

Coulter Mountain is the place where Uncle Henry buried his secrets, but also a Christmas miracle that gives Jenna Whitehall and her husband, Doug, a fighting chance to reclaim their American dream.
But keeping the land means battling the rightful owner, along with powerful gas companies who dangle the promise of millions.
After losing his belief that if he worked hard, it would pay off, Doug seizes the opportunity to farm the ground as proof that God hasn’t forgotten them, while Jenna discovers Henry isn’t the only one who hides secrets.
Coulter Mountain eventually reveals its mysteries while stirring up hearts and promises better left in the past. The only way Doug and Jenna can survive is to put their trust back into God’s hands and not their own, even if it means losing everything a second time
A women’s fiction, MIRACLE ON COULTER MOUNTAIN, is set in the rural northeast where unexpected miracles still bloom.

I have too many BUTS!!
Thanks for the links! I'll head over and check them out right now!
I'm about to submit my third novel to Covenant (I already have a contract with them so I'm not super stressed about this) but I have been getting so many conflicting opinions on parts of this manuscript that it's making me nutty nuts. I would like a an opinion on the first page because my first two novels have strong "hooks" and I need to know if #3 does, too.

All right. Let me think of a one line pitch . . .

When an old flame becomes Sandy Burke's archnemesis at work, she risks getting burned when Jake Manning proves to be irresistible once again.

All right. I need to work on that, too. Sigh.
Shelley Sly said…
Thanks for sharing these links. That denim one is kind of weird... but interesting.

Hope you've had a fun weekend!

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