This is me.

This is my brain while editing.

(Actually, it's really my daughter, but that's what my brain looks like right now. Minus the smile. Imagine a gnarled lip instead.)

Enough said. Have a nice day. :)


Amie Kaufman said…
You have just contravened seven different sections of the Amie Pact of 1797 by not prefacing that picture with a cuteness warning, class three. I nearly snorted my tea. It was not at all ladylike. That is all.
Lol. I hate to imagine what my brain looks like while editing. heehee
I love editing. It's writing the first draft that I'm not too fond of. That's definitely my first draft hairstyle . . . which I'm sporting right now. ;)
Terri Tiffany said…
LOL I love that hair!! I do understand though. Enjoy.
Meredith said…
Haha, yep, I know that feeling. Good luck!
Tamika: said…
Ha Ha:) I can relate! Hey, there's nothing wrong with letting your hair down!
LeishaMaw said…
*Grin* I can relate.
JEFritz said…
Seems about right.
Anne said…
Too cute! LOVE her blond hair. Good luck with the edits.
Rezden said…
Wow, that was too cute. :)
Elisa said…
OMG, she is too cute!!! I guess I'm just echoing the sentiments of everyone else, but it has to be stated, lol. Also, that's how I feel right now, I still have the last two chapters to write of my wip and I've begun the editing/revision process on the first portion. I'm tired.

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