Free Crit Friday

It's free crit Friday! Just leave a one line pitch or your query in the comments and I'll critique it for you!

Also - I'm over at my group blog today - From The Mixed-Up Files. I've highlighted the best gift-giving books for the holiday season. Come check it out!


Anonymous said…
Not ready to share a pitch yet. :) I'll pop on over to the other blog to see what's going on. Happy Friday!
Rezden said…
That's awesome that you do this. :) No pitch, just being encouraging.
Taffy said…
I didn't see this until today! I'll throw out my query. If you want to critique it that's great, If you want me to wait until next Friday, I will.
THANKS for this service!

Taffy Lovell
945 E Center St
Pleasant Grove UT 84062
Re: YA sci-fi “Mothership”

Adam glanced around slowly and found the newest victim. Younger than most but tall, slim and dressed in white, like himself and all the others. Adam studied the boy then sighed inwardly. He wasn’t the one.
MANDY MCALLISTER hates the little town of Holding where she lives.
But she hates the stories of aliens more.
When she is given an assignment for the school paper she finds herself in the middle of a deadly conflict; a clash between humans and aliens. The aliens have been abducting local children for years to take back to their planet. Any rescue attempts results in more children disappearing.
Violence follows Mandy as she follows clue after clue—her room is trashed, animals are killed and finally, her dad and her are attacked.
She is ready to back down, concede defeat, take a “C” on her assignment until she learns her mother is the alien leader and Mandy’s boyfriend, JAKE is the next victim.
Mandy is the last hope for her town as the aliens give an ultimatium—“let us leave in peace or we will take more children.”
Vicki Rocho said…
It's no longer Friday, but I'll keep this in mind for when I DO have something that needs to be critiqued.

Great IDEA!

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