Unfortunately, I can't say that I'm having one here on my blog.....but there is one over at LDS Publisher (you'll notice the little button on my sidebar) and winning entries will be published in next year's Christmas anthology!

Okay, so the contest deadline expired on the 18th. So, you're probably wondering why I'm telling you about it. Well, I entered and I really need your votes! However, the rules state that I'm not allowed to tell you which story is mine. And since I like to play by the rules, I can only hope that you will recognize my "voice" as you read through the stories. I would give you a hint, but I think that would be cheating, too. And if you can't figure out which story is mine, then hopefully you'll pick the one that moves you to tears (okay, that was a small hint).

I'd love to hear what story you thought was mine, so drop me a comment after you've voted!

Thanks for your support!

P.S. My story is entered in the "unpublished" portion of the contest. That is something I can tell you - and it narrows it down to 20 entries :)


Good luck on the contest, and have a great Christmas. :D
Christine Danek said…
Good luck and I'll check it out.
HAve a wonderrful holiday!
Anonymous said…
Good luck on the contest. I'll hop over and check it out.

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