Free Crit Friday

It's free critique Friday! You know what that means! Leave your query letter or a one line pitch in the comments and I'll critique either your query letter or the first page of your manuscript!

Also, in the spirit of giving, for the month of December I'm going to give YOU the option to write a blog post! If you'd like to be included send me an email at amiegr8tstuff (at) aol (dot) com

Happy Friday!
Happy Writing!


Anonymous said…
I'll just put in my first two paragraphs and leave out my personal info. Thanks so much!

You’d think that college itself would be enough to send any girl out of her mind, but apparently fate doesn’t agree when it comes to Keira’s sanity. No, life decides to be evil and unfair. Great.

Based on the struggles that besiege sufferers of OCD, my completed 72,000-word Young Adult Romance novel, Imprisoned, tells Keira’s story. Adrian has been her best friend since the crusty, awkward days of second grade, but then Tanner walks into her life. He’s dashing, he’s charming, he’s chiseled… Sigh. He’s just perfect, okay? Adrian, however, reacts to this new (totally gorgeous) boyfriend in a way that would never fit into the boundaries of what Keira had always thought was a “just friends” relationship. As if a real-live love triangle weren’t enough to drive any college sophomore completely nuts, something freaky is slowly but steadily invading her mind. Trapped in the clutches of an invisible foe, she is thrust into a world full of hours of hand-washing and over-the-top perfectionism that are driven by the OCD’s harness on her worst fear: Leukemia. But when Adrian contracts Leukemia, that worst fear becomes a horrible reality. Living in a world without Adrian is out of the question, but he is now her mind’s most potent weapon. Keira is flung head-first into a decision that threatens to sabotage her very grip on reality: stay with Tanner in submission to her OCD's ultimate control, or do the impossible, set aside her sanity, and fight back.

Hope it's workable!
Put it on Paper
Christina said…
Here's mine. It's kind of short.-

Rule number one: never show your tail to a human. Rule number two: never sing to a human.

                Sixteen year old Coral’s whole life is built on secrets and rules. They have always been the foundation of her world, keeping her safe and hidden from humans—until she meets Jackson. One perfectly normal human that catches her in his net like no other boy has before.

 One secret is about to change both their lives. Coral’s siren song calls for attention, forcing her to decide to run and hide or risk it all. But following her heart could destroy everything—especially Jackson.
Anonymous said…
Glad to see you're back to offereing critiques! :D

Ya wanna play swapsies on guest posts? (I write one for you, you write one for me?)
Amie Kaufman said…
One of these days I'm going to be ready for this! Give me about six to eight weeks adn I'll finally have a query pitch!

Blogging sounds fun, tell us more!
Amie B said…
jessica and christina - great queries ladies! i'll start work on them right away!

laura - absolutely!

amie - you can write a guest post or i can do a write up about your fabulous blog! whichever you prefer :)
Christina said…
Aw Yay! Also, I know I didn't add MS details like word count/genre or salutations and such to my query. I just stuck to the story info since that's always the tricky part! :)

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