Things We Say Wrong

I have another sick kiddo at home this week, so I'm just going to leave you with a short video clip. It's definately worth watching. Not only is it informative - but this guy is pretty funny, too!

Enjoy! Happy writing!


Cruella Collett said…
Tee hee, no wonder English is difficult to learn. Or easy. Either ("ither"?) way - it changes a lot (a WHOLE lot)!

Good luck playing nurse - hope your kid feels better soon!
Hiliarious! Great for dialogue. ;)

I'm with Cruella. And I thought learning French was tough. Maybe not. :)
Jennifer Shirk said…
That was GREAT!! And unfortunately so true. You should see my text messages. It's like caveman talk. LOL
And I think I DO say "nother". LOL
Rezden said…
Completely agree. Great video, and it's not too harsh. I felt it was perfect for the situations we face today. :) I am guilty of some of these and a lot of others as well though, lol.
MT said…
HAHAHA! That was a great laugh to start my morning. :)
Sorry about the sick kiddo, but this was great. Thanks.

Lynnette Labelle
Colene Murphy said…
Hope the sicky feels better soon!!
Anonymous said…

I hope your kidlet gets well soon!
Anonymous said…
Loved it! Oops, guess I do it too. :) Loved it so much I'm sharing it on Twitter and Facebook.
That was too funny Amie! Thanks for posting it and I hope everyone gets better soon!

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