So most of you know already that this isn't one of my regular blogging days. But, in case you haven't heard there is BIG NEWS out there in the literary world!

Yep. That's right.

My blogging buddy, my awesome crit partner, my BFF, ROSE COOPER, is celebrating her book birthday!! GOSSIP FROM THE GIRLS ROOM - A BLOGTASTIC! NOVEL was just released TODAY!

Now for those of you who are totally uncool and are completely undetected by the popular radar, I promise if you buy this book your popularity will skyrocket 3 points. But I will have to subtract one point because you had to be instructed by MOI on how to be cool ;)

I'm just kidding, of course. I can't change your popularity status. (really - what were you thinking?)

Anyway, my copy arrived yesterday afternoon (fully signed, might I add, in none other than bubble gum pink!) and I started to read it aloud to my daughters at the dinner table. I must warn you right now - this book is not one that should be read while eating or drinking. We laughed so hard that my kids choked on their food (yeah, um, thanks for that Rose) and my food got cold because I couldn't stop reading (right - like I said, thanks a lot Rose). I would love to say I finished this in one sitting - but after about 4 chapters, my 10 year old grabbed the book from my hands and proclaimed "MINE!" then she ran off and hid the book. About twenty minutes later she returned....with a notebook....fully labeled as her "Pre Blogging Notebook" it also included direct orders of harrassment and punishment should anyone read it. Uh-hum. Yes, thanks again for that, ROSE. ;)

So go get cool and visit Rose's blog today. Then buy a copy of her book. Because if you don't I'll have to tell Sofia to write an anonymous post about your uncoolness and total unpopularity factor - and let's just say....that wouldn't be a good thing!


Kittie Howard said…
This is a really cool post! I'm headed over!
Rose Cooper said…
OMG! You had me almost spit my coffee through my nose! Um, can we say HOT! lol You guys are sooo funny. Right away I could tell you had read some of the book, I love the way you started this post off!! You're daughters are way cool--tell them Sofia said so ;)

Love ya!!
Anonymous said…
Woot! Book birthdays are totally fun! :D
Jennifer Shirk said…
That is so awesome!!! Congrats to her!!
KarenG said…
It sounds like a winner! Thanks for the tip!
Ciara said…
Congrats! It sounds great. I'll pop over and check it out. Thanks

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