Funks Are NOT Fun

Confession: I've been in a funk lately.

So if you haven't heard a lot from me recently, now you know why. Plus, it's been super busy with lots of snow days, a birthday (I'm the parent of a teenager now! - holy cow when did I get so OLD?) and doing some critiques on the side.

Thankfully, though, I'm digging myself out of this funk. I have to. I have books to write and blogs to visit!

One of the best ways to cheer myself up (other than chocolate) is to party! So I'm hosting a sweet party here this week! Plus, I've reached 150 followers now and I need to welcome all of them the right way! The new followers will have something special in store just for them! That's my welcome and thank you for finding and following me!

Mark your calendars for Wednesday when the contest will be in full swing. And spread the word because no one will want to miss out!

In the meantime, enjoy this video!

See you all Wednesday!


Christine Danek said…
Too funny. I've been in a funk too. It's that time of year. Hope you get out of it soon.
Take care.
Unknown said…
Oooooh, Chocolate!

I mean, sorry to hear about the funk. (Oooooh, chocolate!) Can't wait the party. I love me a good (chocolate) contest. :D
Angela said…
I hope you get out of your funk soon.
Mmmm chocolate! Hopefully your funk is short-lasting.
Lindsay said…
Yum to chocolate.

Funks are horrible. Hopefully it won't last long.
Kindros said…
Congrats on 150 followers! :)

Also, age is all in your mind. Think young and that is what you will forever be.
BK Mattingly said…
I hate funks. :( I'm hoping spring will come soon and bring me out of mine. At least...I was hoping. They're calling for more snow and ice.
Terri Tiffany said…
I know that funk feeling. Not fun! Hope your celebration livens up things.
Lindsey Edwards said…
Being in a funk is no fun, I know, I’ve recently emerged from a funk that lasted three weeks. I hope things get better, a party should definitely help!

BTW, I tried to add myself as a follower, but it kept saying there was a problem, so I might not be added as a follower, but I’ll be by again (and I’ll keep trying to see if whatever the problem was gets fixed so I can add myself officially). :-)
Kittie Howard said…
Too funny! Hope your funk fades into January *sends chocolate*
Ciara said…
ROFL. OMW - that alone should get you out of your funk. :) I hope you feel better soon.
Amie Kaufman said…
Oh, now all I can think about is chocolate. I think I'm going to indulge. I'm not actually in a funk, but an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, right?
Mercedes said…
This. Is. One of the prettiest blogs that I have ever seen! I want to click on all of the shiny links and buttons. Gorgeous! And your content is fabulous, too. I feel a desire to majorly overhaul my blog. :P
MTeacress said…
What a generous contest you've begun. Good luck to all who enter! I'm glad you're pulling out of your funk. It's nice to see you around the bloggerhood. ;)

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