It's like rain on your wedding day....oh wait, that's not really's actually good luck.

Drowning in chocolate. Hmm...maybe not quite irony but definately a good way to go!

Choking on a lifesaver. Ah yes. That would be irony.

So why do people have such a hard time defining irony? Check out this video to find out!

Happy Wednesday :)


Christine Danek said…
This is great. I really enjoyed this and I learned something.
Unknown said…
I wouldn't mind drowning in chocolate. If I'm going to drown, that would be better than disgusting lake or pool water.

And the calories wouldn't count. :D
Kindros said…
Great video. I'm starting to really like this guy. Thanks for sharing.
BK Mattingly said…
My favorite teacher's irony example was something she witnessed, a fire house on fire. :) Drowning in chocolate...sounds like a plan. :)
Ciara said…
I love his videos. I've seen a few of them. Thanks for sharing this one. "Rain on your wedding day just sucks." LOL
Casey said…
Most of the lines in that song actually are irony... like the Death Row pardon? Definite irony. I have now had THREE teachers that have obsessed over us using irony properly and not just being like, "Oh, that's so ironic!" when there's no irony in it at all.

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