New Year, New Goals, New Me

I'm an awful, horrible person because I totally missed blogging last week. But instead of harping on it I'm going to get right into the nitty-gritty of my resolutions. If you haven't made any yet, hopefully my post will inspire you to make your very own shiny resolutions perfect for breaking in February!

One thing that getting older has taught me: There are some things I just CANNOT control. So, while in years past I may have made a goal like "Lose weight" or "Get an agent" I realize now those just aren't reasonable things to ask of myself.

Instead I've made goals I can accomplish:

#1 Eat chocolate. And lots of it.
#2 Write. Good books, hopefully. But if they suck, then - eh, who cares. I can just write another one.
#3 Avoid exercise. At. All. Costs. Because the way I see it, my heart has a set number of beats to begin with, why speed up that process?

Okay, okay. I know these aren't your average New Years Resolutions. I know they are going to involve a whole fricking lot of hard work. But, I'm ready!



Colene Murphy said…
Umm...I think your goals are by far my favorite of any this year!
LOVE THEM! I want them all tooo! Especially the chocolate! YUMMY!!
Ciara Knight said…
I like these! Now, these are some goals I can handle. LOL
Kindros said…
I really like those goals as well. :) Left it pretty flexible too.

And we still <3 you even if we were depressed thinking you left.
Anonymous said…
I like these resolutions. Even I can manage them, LOL!
DL Hammons said…
my heart has a set number of beats to begin with, why speed up that process

I like your logic!! :)

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