The Best 150 Followers Contest. Ever.

You heard me right! 150 followers contest is in full swing! And boy do I have some awesome shiz in store for you!

First - the prizes:

*1: All of my awesome new followers (that's anyone that has joined since January 1, 2011) will automatically receive a critique of their first 150 words of their manuscript! And because I LOVE new followers so much, anyone that joins the site from now until Friday, February 4th, 2011 will also receive a free crit of their first 150 words!

Say wha??

Yup you heard correctly. Anyone that joins from now until 2/4/11 will get a free crit of their first 150 words!

Yes. I. Am. Insane.

*2: The Query Queen herself, Elana Johnson, will crit one query letter. Plus, she's supplied some swag! And if you don't know who she is or why you want this prize, then you really need to come join us here on blogger earth. :)

*3: Rose Cooper is the best blogger. Ever. And she's offering up a surprise! I'm not telling what it is. You'll just have to enter to find out!

*4: Author Judy Mammay will donate one of her books to a lucky winner. If I can brag, Judy is one of my crit partners and is kinda awesome.

*5: One *like new* hardcover copy of THE REPLACEMENT by Brenna Yovanoff.

Now - the rules. Yes, we need rules. Now listen up!

#1 - Existing followers leave a comment and include a one line pitch of your book. One lucky winner will be selected to receive a free crit of their first 150 words. New followers MUST leave their 150 words as part of their comment to qualify for the free crit (no private emails please!) (+5 points)

Some rules about entries:
A: Please keep it "G" rated (no bad words, no sex, drugs or violence. I have some teens and middle-grade followers and would like to keep it clean for them.)
B: Please limit it to 150 words (or less). Don't take advantage of my craziness and go over! If your 150 words ends in the middle of a sentence, stop at the sentence before.
C: Include your email addy with your entry so I can, ya'know, mail you the crit.
Got it? Good!

#2 - Tweet this. And leave the link in the comments. (+5 points)

#3 - Facebook this. Leave the link in the comments. (+5 points)

#4 - Blog this. Leave the link in the comments. Are you seeing a pattern yet? (+5 points)

#5 - Get a friend to follow my blog. (+10 points)

#6 - Total your points (+5) Yes. I'm that lazy.

Easy enough! Now get to work!! HURRY! Contest ends MIDNIGHT EST Friday, February 4th, 2011!


Great contest, Amie. And a very generous offer on the crits. :)
hopejunkie said…
I can't believe I didn't know about your blog until now! This is a great contest, and there's a lot of helpful information in older posts. That said, I'm a new follower (150 below) who tweeted (@ASwimmerWrites), and totaled my points=+15

The Sour Patch Kids in the bottom of Heidi Maverick’s sparkly clutch probably bothered him the most.
The Sour Patch Kids, or the ticket stub from that new boy band’s concert.
The Sour Patch Kids, or the ticket stub, or the cotton candy flavored lip gloss.
The Sour Patch Kids, or the ticket stub, or the lip gloss, or the bright pink, heart-shaped post-it notes.
As he dug deeper into the purse, he found evidence that he hoped he wouldn’t find. From afar, this Heidi had looked like a high school upperclassman, slutty and desperate—just the kind of girl he usually took. He chatted her up to make sure her family wouldn’t come looking; sure enough, her parents were another dead-beat dad and overworked mom. Looked good. Looked normal. Looked profitable. So, he signaled to his partner and spiked her drink.
Angela Felsted said…
What a great idea! Congrats on 150 followers!
Patti said…
What a great contest.
Lindsay said…
What a great contest. Good luck to all who enter :)
T. Anne said…
Are you ever generous!!! Lucky new followers! I hope you don't succumb to information overload. Good luck to all!
Pam Torres said…
What a generous contest!
Twittered @TORRESpamela and
20 points

My 150 words...

It had been four days since I’d given Dad my list. He hadn’t said a thing and I wondered if he ever would. I once asked him if I could cut my hair and it took two whole weeks before he gave me an answer and by then I’d changed my mind. Nothing was going to change my mind this time. 'I want… no I need a dog.'
Ms. B droned on about Washington history. My cursor made huge circles on my laptop screen instead of notes I should’ve been typing.
“Psst, Madison,” Paige leaned in while Ms. B wrote on the board. “Did you see Pete this morning?” Pete was Paige’s new I-just-think-he-is-so-cute-flavor-of-the-week.
“No, Paige,” I shook my head and rolled my eyes, just in time for Mrs. B to catch it.
“You disagree, Madison?” Mrs. B asked. 'You’re so gonna pay for this, Paige!’
Angie said…
Congrats on all your followers! Those are some great prizes. Here's the pitch for my book:

Hannah has been warned about the dangers lurking outside her hidden refuge, but some things, like freedom and friendship, are more important than staying safe.

I tweeted:

So, fifteen points all together for me. =)
Lydia K said…
Great contest and awesome swag!
I'm going to put you on my sidebar...
So only +5 for tallying my points.
Terri Taylor said…
Retweeted under @mudbloodproud

The beginning of my story:

Idiot! Walking alone at night in this neighbourhood.

He is armed.

A Taser stick? They will rip him to shreds. Foolish man.

We can protect him.

Not if there are too many of them, but I suppose we have to try.

It is what we do.

She sighed heavily and her internal debate was broken off by the not so distant sound of growling. Listening intently, she tried to determine how many and how close.

At least three, probably more.

Coming from behind him, we must protect. It is our duty, our legacy.

She drew a deep breath, and centered herself. As she leaped from her position on the fire escape platform, she changed.

Unfortunately, introducing the hero brings it over 150 words.
Kris said…
Hi Amie--cool blog contest. I'm a new follower.

Here is my pitch, followed by the first 144 words of my MS.

PITCH: With the family golf course on the verge of bankruptcy, Kate decides she's going to be the first girl to win the Junior State Championship to draw the crowds back, but her plans are derailed when her best friend and crush is accused of vandalizing the course with a blowtorch.

FIRST WORDS: Kate Anderson inhaled the scent of the golf course, her father's words on automatic replay in her brain.
“A girl has never won...Yet.”
Her favorite smells of summer wafted over her: the freshly mowed grass, a hint of the rose hips growing wild at the property line, and a more man-made odor that tickled her nose. In the distance, a weed cutter buzzed like a chainsaw. Scott must have finished mowing the greens.
Pushing the image of Scott trimming the edge of the fourth green out of her mind, Kate bent to pluck a handful of crab grass. She imagined it was lush and green, not brown and dry. She approached the patch of dirt where the golf ball perched on a wooden tee and tossed the grass into the air. The blades fluttered gently to her left side, swirling to the ground.

I blogged about the contest ( +5

I tweeted about it (@KristineAsselin) +5

I totaled it +5 = 15

Thanks for your generous
Amie B said…
Welcome everyone! It's so exciting to see so many fresh faces! Can't wait to dig in to some crits - all the stories sound so great!

@Lydia - I think you're up to 15 points :) (5 for commenting, 5 for sidebarring it on your blog {that counts!} and 5 for adding up your points).
So much for me being lazy - LOL

Good luck to everyone!
Colene Murphy said…
AWESOME! Sidebaring!! Congrats on your 150+! +10?

But, really I just wanted to congratulate you and tell you how awesome this is because I have no pitch...
Christy said…
Thanks a bunch and congrats!+10
christy at dorrity dot net

If she tilted her calculator, McKayla could watch Lucas in the display. He looked down at the geometry test, fingers clutching his razor-cut hair in concentration. He wore the same snug turquoise shirt as the first time she saw him at the back-to-school dance last month.
When her dad’s job moved them to the small town of Star Valley, Wyoming, she had been an instant celebrity. All the girls had wanted to be friends and McKayla had even gone on a few dates. Lucas had never even given her a second look.
She could see her house from the second story window. Her stomach flipped in anticipation for the ballet recital. Tonight she would dance her first solo. She couldn’t wait to get home.
A clicking sound brought her back to the equations on her test. She smelled fire before she noticed Mr. Nuttle standing near her table.
A-mazing contest!
My pitch:
Seventeen-year-old Giddian reunites with his three siblings just in time to lead the world through its biggest change in 1500 years, but the demons of his past yank him away from what the world needs him to be; it's his choice....hero or villain.
I think I'm at 10pts so far. I'll blog about it tomorrow :)
Rachel said…
New follower. Great contest.
Blogged, followed, facebooked added 20 points.

Pitch: Bound to protect people who hate him because of a blood oath that trapped a demon inside of him, 16-year-old Zade must fight off the hordes of hellish creatures another demon sends and find a way to keep his own demon from turning the entire town to ash.

My 150 words (wryteriam at gmail dot com):
A chorus of crickets filled the early morning air. Tiani bent over, her hands on her knees and gasped for breath. Her reddish brown hair hung in sweat soaked strings over her face. She swept them back and tucked them behind her ear. Her heart pounded in her chest. She'd never run for so long. In the darkness, trees reached out spiny branches to catch her, to stop her from succeeding. But she couldn't fail. Not this time. Not when she was so close. She would prove them all wrong.
"Ehlrin." The words were little more than a whisper. Any louder and she might be heard by the Halyn following them. “Did we lose them?”
Ehlrin jumped out of his hiding place in the tree and landed beside her, his blonde hair plastered to his forehead and his green eyes roving over the mountainside. “No.”
wow! What a contest. Found you through Kris's blog. New follower.

This is my entry
terry (at) terrylynnjohnson (dot) com
Tweeted terrylynnj 15 points

"Look down there," Bud yells through my headset into my ear. "A moose! See it?"
The pilot pokes a thick finger toward my side of the Turbo Beaver. The hair on his arm is so dense, it looks like I’m sharing the plane with a mammal that needs to hibernate for the winter. His ball cap announces that rehab is for quitters.
He tilts the plane's wings and we begin to circle. The pitch of the engines switch from a drone to a whine. I peer down through the window and see a black animal in the middle of a swamp. It appears to be ignoring the noisy thing circling above it.
I get another wave of nausea as I look at the trees around the swamp. Nothing but trees, and lakes, and more trees since we left Wolf Ridge Park's main office forty minutes ago.
Lindsey Edwards said…
Great contest! I tweeted news of this greatness (@thoughtfulpen), which puts me at +5 points. BTW, what are the points anyway? I think I misunderstood that whole thing.

Here's the first few paragraphs of my ms (under 150 words):
* "Under an ominous sky threaded with swollen gray clouds the surf broke against the bank far below the old ruins with frothy malice, imbuing the very air with a brackish sting.

Hayden James Ramsey, heir to the dukedom that was this godforsaken stretch of land reigned in his mount, ignoring the biting nip of the wind as it lashed against his skin.

The old dirt lane had long ago branched off to this lonely, wind raked road, sequestering horse and man from the rest of the world so that it seemed as if he’d traveled back in time to join gallant knights as they fought for their lady’s honor. However, the crumbling structure that was once the crowning glory of his ancestors offered a harsh reality that promptly returned him to the present and the responsibility that awaited him."

E-mail: Lindsey.writewords (at) yahoo (dot) com
Ciara said…
What a great contest. Congratulations on 150 followers!! Wow, that is a great prize.
Anonymous said…
Congrats on 150 followers!

Nice contest!!! :D
Kindros said…
Great contest! Congrats on the 150! :)

Already well on your way to 200 also. :)
Hi! Glad to have discovered your blog. Thanks to Bethany Mattingly @ Aspirations for directing me here (that's +10 for her!)

Great contest! Congrats on the awesome following.

Let's see:

New follower w/ my first 150 words = +5:

I thought I heard the automatic doors hiss my name as they glided open. The deliberate stride I counted on to carry me to my father’s deathbed faltered as the eerie illusion seeped into my consciousness, unraveling my nerve. The hospital seemed to be under a spell at this late hour; the usual hustle and bustle of the institution was poignantly absent. I drew a deep breath. Like smelling salts, unpleasant antiseptic odors invaded my nasal passages and revived the fortitude I so desperately needed to face the imminent truth in Room 242.

I passed no one in the darkened corridors and rode the elevator alone. My heart hammered in my chest, and I was glad nobody else could hear it. As the elevator arrived at the second floor, I had the sudden, irrational thought that perhaps this door would try to address me, too.

Tweet-Love (@NicoleDwrites) = +5

Totaling my points = +5

That makes +15 for me. Thanks!!
Amie B said…
wow! welcome everyone! and thanks to bethany and all the others for getting the word out! i'm looking forward to getting to know everyone better!
Nicole Zoltack said…
New follower! You have an awesome blog, so pretty!

First 150 words:

Little light flittered through the trees, and I closed my book. Time to go home before Mom freaked out. I looked down at my watch — well past time, I had lost track while reading.

I stood and stretched, my hand resting against the rough bark of a giant oak. The forest was my favorite place to read, but twilight had quickly turned into night and now the letters were no longer legible.

Long shadows covered the forest floor, and several branches rustled above me. A cool wind picked up, and I shivered. Should’ve worn a jacket. I walked forward.

Something sounded behind me. A small creature, I tried to tell myself, but the hairs on the back of my neck prickled. I glanced behind me. Nothing was there.

Stupid overactive imagination. That’s what you get for reading a horror story in a forest.



total points = 20
Nicole Zoltack said…
Whoops, forgot my email:
Cherie Reich said…
Hi! New follower here! I can't believe I didn't know about your blog beforehand. Okay.

1. Email:
"Are the homecoming dances here like the ones in the movies?" I flipped down the visor and lifted the mirror flap. Tiny lights illuminated my face while I reapplied my lip gloss and checked to see if I had any lingering tomato sauce on my teeth. Did my breath smell like garlic? Finding a Listerine Breath Strip, I placed it on my tongue. Much better. I pushed the visor back in place before glancing over at Marcus.

My heart rate increased, and my body tingled from nervous yet excited energy. My first homecoming dance ever and I couldn't have picked a better boyfriend to attend it. Yet, I had no clue what to expect.

"If you mean if things are like Carrie, then no, that shouldn't happen." He chuckled, although it took me a second to get his reference.

I laughed. "I hope not, but what do they do there?"

2. Tweeted. @bookworm0753

3. Facebook.!/cherie.reich

5. I didn't get a friend, but I followed Nicole Zoltack's tweet here.

6. Total points: 20

Congrats on over 150 followers!
Rose Cooper said…
Haha, you are insanw! :) You know what I think? You will need to have a 200 Follower contest as soon as this one ends!!
Kittie Howard said…
Awesome prizes! Amie's got an awesome blog. Ya'll click on board!
DL Hammons said…
Congrats on all the wonderful followers!! :)
Laura Howard said…
Laura Howard

"Tomorrow's forecast Massachusetts is partly cloudy with a showers in the late afternoon"
Allison switched off the car radio. It would take a tornado to get her out of going to the beach tomorrow. As much as she loved her, Nicole was a thorn in her side. Allison had spent the entire day trying to come up with an excuse so that she could bow out of her cousin's plans to hit the beach. It wouldn't be so bad, she thought, if it was just Nic and me. She thought she might even enjoy a relaxing day by the ocean. But Ethan would be there. And there was nothing relaxing about being near Ethan Magliaro. You are 23 years old, she told herself. You can tell Nicole that you just don't want to go to the beach with her friends. But she knew that she would go. She had always had a hard time saying no to Nic.
Laura Howard said…
Oh and I get 10 points for fb and following ;)
Taffy said…
Great contest idea and congrats on 150!I'm an old follower. Not that I feel old :)

+10 for me...

You do not want to be Angelica's best friend because so far, fourteen of them are dead.
Kris said…
I hope we don't get docked points for not adding correctly...

I think I get +10 for pointing Terry over. And I forgot to add 5 for following in the first place.

So 30 points?

Also I didn't give you my email address... krisasselin at yahoo dot com.

Again, Cool blog! And thanks for your generosity!
AA said…
new follower! (and just made the time limit :) )

Lisa said…
Hi, I'm a new follower! Thanks for the contest!

(I also tweeted it:!/lisagalek/status/34731901357006848)

Name: Lisa Galek
Title: High Hopes
Email: lisagalek at gmail dot com

My pitch:

In my modern retelling of Jane Austen's gothic classic, "Northanger Abbey," horror-obsessed Katie Morland meets Hal Tilney while on spring break, a guy who's not only gorgeous and charming, but also happens to live in one of the most haunted houses in America -- the home where the events of "The Amityville Horror" took place.

My first 150 words:

Katie Morland dug her nails into the armrests on either side of her seat as the airplane lurched and shuttered around her. Little jets of fear streaked through her body. We’re going to crash, she thought. We’re going to crash and I’m going to be burnt to a crisp and I’ve never even been out of Massachusetts. How pathetic can one person be? She watched with wide eyes as the liquid in the cup on her tiny tray table bounced and jiggled with the movement of the plane.

“Amy,” Katie said, tapping the shoulder of the tan girl with long, curled bleach-blonde hair in the seat next to her. “We’re going to die, aren’t we?”

“What are you panicking about now?” Amy asked in annoyance as she took out her little pink ear bud and turned towards her cousin.
Angie Ledbetter said…
Late to the party, but looks like a cool contest. Congrats to winners!

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