By Small & Simple Things

Great things come to pass. (Book Of Mormon, Alma 37:6)

You don't have to be Mormon, or Christian or any religion to believe the truth in those words. It is, quite simply, true. By small and simple things great things do come to pass.

These words wouldn't leave me this morning as I drove my children to school, as I did my errands, as I ate my breakfast. They wouldn't leave me because there is a great truth to them. And that truth can apply to anything in our lives.

This past week I made a valentine baby shower cake. Here's a picture:

It took a lot of work to make this cake. Not only did I have to gather the ingredients, but I had to prepare the pans, make the batter, bake the cakes, whip the frosting, knead the marshmallow fondant, make the filling, allow the cakes to cool, then level, fill and frost the cakes...all before I could even start decorating. In the end, the product was beautiful (or so I like to think).

Then over the weekend, I made Valentine cupcakes with my children. And it all started with one, very small, simple thing:

Yup. A fruit roll-up.

And from that simple fruit roll-up came one great thing:

A beautiful cupcake decorated with a fruit roll-up rose.

This simple beauty, this one great thing, made me think about our writing. Our stories start off as a small and simple thought, an idea. We put that idea on paper and a story develops. Characters form. A story is born.

Yet, if we look at each word individually, we might think, "That's no big deal, it's just a word. It's simple. Small."

But we must never admonish the fact that from those small and simple words came a great manuscript. That together they formed something wonderful.

So as you write today, as you revise and edit, think about the great thing that is your manuscript. Don't fret. For you know as well as I do, that " small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."


TK Richardson said…
What a beautiful post! And a beautiful cake and cupcake. You are quite talented. :) Thanks for the encouragement.
Angela Felsted said…
I love this. It's good to be reminded to take things one step at a time.
KarenG said…
I live by this philosophy! How do you knit an afghan? One stitch at a time.
Lindsay said…
I love the cake and cupcake. So beautiful!
Kittie Howard said…
A beautiful cake and cupcake to nibble while reading a beautiful post.
Love the cake and OMGoodness that rose is incredible. Great message too, and so true.
Kindros said…
Those were amazing. Great job and very creative with the fruit roll-up. :)

Have a great Valentine's day.
Casey said…
Well, as for the cake, I can say from experience that it probably tasted delicious and everyone at that baby shower was probably like, "OHMYGOD!!!!" And you're totally right about the ideas in writing - I never really thought about that before, but it's completely true.

(For a second there, I thought you were going to talk about how good things come to pass with how those cupcakes were gone like THAT.)
Terri Tiffany said…
Your cake looks great!!! Thank you for this encouragement today.
gina said…
I heard all about those pretty cupcakes made from a fruit roll up at exactly 3:31 yesterday afternoon! They were appreciated for their goodness -- inside and out!
Amie B said…
that's so awesome gina! thanks for sharing that with me!
So TRUE, Amie! And yet, how often we forget that's the way life and God works. Your cakes are beautiful. :-)
Ciara said…
Well said, Amie. That is a beautiful cupcake!
Amie Kaufman said…
What a beautiful post, and very well timed for me. Thank you so much! (And nomnomnomcake.)
caterpillar said…
Great post, and so true....

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