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If you're one of my facebook friends, or if you read my blog post from last Friday, you'd know that I've had a sick house these past few days. It started with my little one who fell ill with Strep throat and possibly the flu. Then my husband, who had confirmed flu. Now my middle daughter is starting with a sore throat and fever. There's only two of us who remain - myself and my eldest daughter.

We're dropping like flies!

So, to beat the flu blues, I've come up with a list of the top 8 reasons why blogging is better than the flu.

#8 Bogging doesn't cause bed head. Unless of course you're blogging WITH bed head, then that's another story.

#7 Bogging doesn't make you sound like the adults on Charlie Brown cartoons (mwa, mwa, mwa, wah) when you talk through your stuffed up nose. Unless you accidentially bump your nose on the computer monitor straining to read the super tiny print somewhere on someone's blog that thought it would be funny to put small print somewhere, causing your nose to bleed so you have to hold it with a tissue while you talk.

#6 Bogging doesn't make your food taste bad. Unless you happen to read something gross that makes you want to hurl, then well, I can't control that.

#5 Blogging can be done without sound. Unless someone happens to post a video and in order to be polite you have to watch it and it just so happens to have a very loud segment of monkeys screeching.

#4 Blogging doesn't require doctor visits. Unless you get carpel tunnel, eyestrain or deep vein thrombosis.

#3 Blogging is free. Unless you have to go to a doctor appointment for that carpel tunnel, eyestrain or deep vein thrombosis.

#2 Blogging is painless. Unless....oh boy. Go see #'s 3 and 4.

And the number one reason that blogging is better than the flu....

#1 Blogging doesn't require anyone to see you! Unless you decide to skype or vlog, in which case, maybe you should have thought about that before you got sick.

Happy writing everyone! Stay healthy!


You just reminded me that I forgot to get my flu shot. Everyone else in my family got one, but I was too busy writing. Oops!

Though I did get a cold that lasted four days. Because it lasted longer than the usual two days for me, my husband joked it must have been the flu. ;)
Jen Daiker said…
So what you're saying is that blogging is clearly better.

Thanks for clearing that up. I look forward to the cure for bed head next.
Anne Gallagher said…
Blogging is better than being sick because you don't have to clean up after everyone. I completely ignored my daughter when she was sick two weeks ago. I told her I didn't want to catch it. I am such a BAD BAD Mommy.
Angela Felsted said…
This is great! And boy am I glad no one can see me while I'm blogging.
Blogging doesn't give you a headache ... unless it's from eye strain.

But, yes, blogging is way better. And thank goodness blogging doesn't require anyone to see you. I would quit blogging right now if people could see me in my PJs. :)
Meredith said…
I love how all of these had exceptions! I hope your house gets better soon.
Kindros said…
Hope you feel better soon. :)
Angie said…
LOL. Great list. Hope you all are feeling better!
Sara B. Larson said…
Whoa, blogging can cause DVT's?? Oh dear, I better quit. ha ha, jk. Great list! Hope you stay healthy. :)
Ciara said…
After 48 days of illness between all kids and parents, I now have one inch roots that would scare a zombie. Ah, to be well again. Thank goodness for blogging. :) Good luck, Amie.
Colene Murphy said…
Oh no!! I hope the illness leaves the house quickly and you and your girl avoid it all together!!! GREAT list!
Kittie Howard said…
Hope those germs take a hike soonest! Hope you and your girl aren't in their way whey those nasties leave. Love your blogging list...I've got bed hair right now, LOL. Have a germ-free weekend!
HowLynnTime said…
You can't be That sick - your still funny! Lol real sick people are much less fun to be around! Grin. Do hope all recover soon - air hugs - well you don't think I want to catch it do you?

That is funny - I have tennis elbow from writing so much! I like to fell over when Doc told me. I have played golf since I was 4 and never got it once - but typing injured me......Pathetic! Guess I am planning on living with it - numb thumb and fingers don't seem to slow down my typing - just makes it

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