How Carrie Ryan and I Became BFF's

So yesterday was the release of THE DARK AND HOLLOW PLACES by author Carrie Ryan. This is the third book in THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH, a post-apocolyptic zombie novel series.

I fell in love with Ryan's style, her beautiful writing, immediately. The story was a close second. I love how her writing reads like poetry, so beautiful against a dark plot. I love how she manages to create a story that grabs the reader and draws them in without bad language or overtly sexual scenes. She has proven that good YA doesn't need those things in order to be successful.

I thought it would be super cool to have an interview with Ms. Ryan...since we're like best friends and all.

Me: So, Carrie, what makes you so totally made of awesome?
Her: Well....

Me: (cutting her off before she can answer) So where do you get your story ideas that are totally made of awesome?
Me: (not allowing her to answer, again) It's no wonder you landed a totally awesome agent who is made of awesome. What's your trick? Do you channel all the late greats at once?
Her: Excuse me?

Me: That's what I thought. No one can be that good of a writer without selling their soul to the devil. I mean, channeling the spirits of other authors. So how do you do it? The writing I mean. Does it come all at once or in bits and pieces?
Her: The first step...

Me: That's great. So uh, you got another book in the works? What's it about? When will it be finished? When are you going to share some of your awesome with me? Maybe ya'know, give my manuscript to your super agent? Can we be best friends? Cause, I'm sorta cool, if you look past the fact that I'm a mega dork, I mean popstar.
Her: (smiles uneasily)

Me: I totally knew you were made of awesome. We are going to be BFF's forever and ever. And ever.
Her: (runs away screaming - but later realizes she has the making of the next bestseller)

So yup. Carrie Ryan is my uber cool best friend. Jealous much?


Angela said…
This is hilarious!
This made me laugh :)
Casey said…
I reviewed Forest of Hands and Teeth in English today - we were doing a Book Recommendation Day. I got some pretty awesome books to read, BTW... anyway. Yeah. xD
Lindsey Edwards said…
I love an author with a lyrical voice, I might just have to check out this book! Thanks! :-)
Unknown said…
Great interview. Such wonderful, well thought out answers.

I was so disappointed at how the first book ended (with you know who dying), I never read the next book. But now that I've moved on, I think it's time for me to read books # 2 and 3. :D
Ciara said…
LOL Too Funny!
Unknown said…
So funny! I loved this, Amie!

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