I Have No Blog Post

I've sat here for twenty minutes or so and still have no idea of what to blog about.

The only thing I could think of was the pizza I made with my girls on Friday. In fact, I'd kinda like a slice right now. But it's all gone. What wasn't eaten Friday night for dinner became Saturday morning's breakfast!

One very random thing about me: I'm originally from New York, upstate, in the Catskill Mountains. And even though I'm not from the city, there is one universal thing with all New Yorkers: the way we eat a slice of pizza.

Step one: Grab one hot, cheesy, slice of pie by the crust.
Step two: Fold pizza in half length wise, so cheese sticks together.
Step three: Eat pizza.
Step four: When you've reached the end of your slice and only the crust remains, dip that cripsy crust in your favorite soda (Colas or Root Beers are a favorite).

YUM! And srsly, don't knock it 'til you've tried it!

Do you have a unique way of eating a favorite food? Are you craving a slice of new York pie? I am.


Angie Ledbetter said…
Not so much the pizza, but I'd love some boiled crawfish. Haven't had any yet this year! (And there's not enough space here to explain the pinch-the-tail-and-suck-the-head process here.) :)
I love NY pizza, but here in DC it's so hard to find. I lived in Philly, where the pizza was awesome. The first thing I noticed about DC was the lack of decent (not even good) pizza!
Unknown said…
LOVED your description of how New Yorkers eat pizza, fold-over and all: that is exactly how Charlie eats his. Ever since Lily went to school in NYC, that's how she eats hers, too!!

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