Why Do You Write?

I have been such an inconsistent blogger lately. Things have been crazy around here; trying to sew my girls Easter dresses with them and editing two projects at once! It's left me with little time to do much else.

During all this craziness, the thought of simplfying my life always comes to mind. What can I clear from my plate to make my life easier?

Obviously I can't get rid of my children (nor would I want to....well, I guess it depends on the day!). And the hubby is a pretty vital part of my life (even though I have to wash his sweaty gym clothes). I'd actually be lost without them in my life.

So what are my other commitments? Well, there are lots of them....one of them being writing.

Although some people would say the writing could go, that it's not important, that other things should take priority. I'd say they're not a writer.

Because the writers I know couldn't LIVE without being able to write. Some might write everyday, some a few times a week. Others have a strict schedule while others might only write when the inspiration strikes. In any case, they're all writers. And I know that their brains would explode if they were prohibitied from writing. Well, mine would.

Plus, writing gives me a release. I can vent, create, inspire, love. I can make people smile, laugh, cry, kill. There are worlds that I can visit, live in, long for. I can bring people together, or tear them apart.

I have control.

Maybe that's why I write. Because, in a world where it seems there's so little we can influence, so much that we are powerless to, writing allows me to have that control.

So, why do you write? What's your favorite part about it?


Angela said…
Yeah, writing could never go for me. It's part of who I am.
I agree--cutting out writing wouldn't fly for me. I write for so many reasons, not the least of which is to get away from everyday life for a bit. I need that!
Unknown said…
Writing has become my life and I will cut out a lot before I give it up. I think that shows how much of a writer you truly are.

Blog commenting becomes my first fall back. I never want it to be but when line edits are due and my heart is pounding to write a new story I listen to my gut and leave the comments behind. I don't like it, but I know that all my lovely followers understand it.

To be writing is like air, something you just can't live without. Even a poem or a word a two written a day keeps the doctor away :)
NiaRaie said…
I think I write because it's a way to answer the questions spinning in my brains: The "What if"s that begin the characters' stories. But also because I just can't stop writing.
Kate said…
Ah, that's the question, isn't it.


I reckon it's a form of OCD.
Laura Pauling said…
I've always had to do something creative. When I was teaching it was creating lesson plans and then when I was at home with my kids at first it was scrapbooking and quilting but I soon gave those up for writing.
Lisa Gail Green said…
For better or for worse I'm stuck with writing and it's stuck with me.
Abby Minard said…
Same here. Once I started writing, I just couldn't give it up. Sure, I have on weeks and off weeks, but the itch takes over when it's been a while. Right now I'm editing, so that's a little harder and more tedius. But I still get into it and I can't envision my life without it. Sure the dishes sit for an extra day, or the laundry doesn't get done But it makes me happy.
Jemi Fraser said…
Even though my life is crazy busy, I can't imagine not writing. Even when I can't get to it physically I carry my characters around with me :)
Colene Murphy said…
Writing is in the same list of priorities with the hubs. Showers, not so much. If anything has to go one day, its usually always shower then housework then...pants.
Lindsey Edwards said…
Writing is a release for me too, but I need my fix daily! LoL

I set aside a couple hours a day to my writing, and on the days it doesn’t exactly happen and life overrules, then I feel muse working overtime substituting with a list of ideas for the next days sit-down.

Writing is not something you can take or leave, like you said, the only people who think you can just cull writing from your schedule are those who don’t write. Writing is as much a passion as it is a business. :-)
Ciara said…
My characters won't leave me alone until they are down on paper. :) It is a release for me also, and I agree it is the one thing I can control in my crazy life. Excited to see you blogging again, Amie!
Terri Tiffany said…
Writing is my outlet--my time to get into my head anyway I want to:) I might not be able to write as much a I want but when I do--it's worth it! Hope your life settles into a great routine.
Casey said…
Well, you've got all that to do... along with trying to get kids to order their recital music :)

I write, mostly, I think, because it's how I vent. I can take things going on in my life and put other people in it. It helps me analyze and make good decisions. Plus, I just... I don't know... um... I have, like, creativity and stuff, and writing gives me an outlet. I'm doing a really bad job explaining it. -_-

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