Why I've Been an Inconsistent Blogger

Things have been kinda suckish around here for the last week or so. I've been trying to trudge through these obstacles without completely losing my mind. So,in order to maintain my own sanity, it boiled down to daily survival. If it wasn't air, water and (sometimes) food, then I let it go. Well, I took care of the kids, too...when my brain wasn't exploding.

To help you understand what we've gone through, here's just a hint of the things that happened in less than a week:

1 - My hubby applied for a job in Australia a few months ago, then landed two interviews in the last month, was essentially a shoe-in...only to find out last week that someone else was selected for the position. This was the opportunity of a lifetime for him...and would have been a dream come true for me. But, alas, it wasn't mean to be. *cries a little*

2 - That same day only a few hours later, one of the agents I've been working with for over a year on two manuscripts, sent me the dreaded email. After all that time and revision, the agent was going to pass. Something about the agent decided not to take on anymore clients..."It's not you, it's me."...but honestly, I didn't hear much after I saw the word, NO.

3 - The very next day, my car broke down.


4 - Two days after that, Hubby's car broke down.

And this is a story by itself!

Kind stranger towed car to nearest parking lot. Hubby then called tow truck - only to find that 200 ft away there was a garage. Mechanic coasted car to garage. Mechanic couldn't locate problem said it would take 8 hours to diagnose problem - at a mere labor cost of $100 an hour.

Deciding this mechanic must be a crook, we called our trusted mechanic who had our car towed to his shop. Only to learn 8 hours later, after completely disassembling the engine, that he couldn't find the problem either.

We decide to call car dealer, just for giggles and grins. Maybe they've seen our mysterious engine problem before.

BINGO! The computer on our vehicle had been recalled! So the car dealer would cover our towing expenses and do the repair for free. After 4 days without a vehicle, we had our car back in one hour! WOOT!

Of course the trusted mechanic had spent about 3-4 hours of labor on our vehicle trying to diagnose the problem, as well as taking apart and reassembling the engine. Thankfully he only charged us for one hour of labor!


It was really a good thing that our situation was turning around, because I couldn't have handled anything more after all that.

Then it continued to get better....

My daughter came home from school and announced she was cast as the understudy for the role of Little Kangaroo in her school's production of Seussical the Musical! This was probably the brightest part of my entire day! Seeing her happy and beaming was the best thing I could have asked for.

I really hope last week is behind me and that the better things this week will be a sign of what's to come. Someday maybe I'll even be able to laugh about it. Not there yet....but someday!

So as you can imagine, it's been quite the week. And one I won't soon forget - for better or worse.


Jaydee Morgan said…
Goodness, that really was a week for you. If that was my week, I wouldn't have posted either. Glad to hear things are turning around though - keep your chin up!
Nicole Zoltack said…
Wow, what a week! I hope things continue to stay in the positive direction for you and yours!
Anne Gallagher said…
Really, Australia? I'd take it as a good sign you're not going. Just think about all the packing you don't have to do now.

And the cars today are not like the cars of yesteryear. Give me a 79 Chevy anyday. They were still mechanical and not computeral.

Yay for the little Kangaroo!!!

Sorry about the agent. That was just plain mean. Mean Mean Mean.

I hope you have a better week this week. And some awesomer news.
NiaRaie said…
Wow, bad news seems to come in clumps doesn't it? I hope you have a much, much better week :)
Nick said…
Better to be an inconsistent blogger that an incontinent blogger, right?
Ciara said…
I'm so sorry you had such a tough week! That stinks. I'm glad things are turning around for you. Car problems are the worst, and I can relate to the job thing. :( As for the agent, well, I parted ways with mine in December and things have actually gotten better for me. One door closes, another opens. (cliche I know, sorry) :) Keep your chin up. Your day is coming!
Taffy said…
Good grief! You've had quite the week! The big disappoints make way to see the smaller celebrations. You stay strong!
Anonymous said…
Yikes. That's a lot of stuff to deal with. :( Wishing you the best. I'm glad some things turned around for the better.
LDS_Publisher said…
You won a prize in the LDS Publisher comment contest. Send me your mailing address.
Unknown said…
Aww - that really sucks, Amie. Sorry to hear about all that. I'm thinking I need to stop by with some chocolate soon! :)
February Grace said…
So sorry to hear it's been so rough. For some reason I don't think blogger was giving me your blog updates- hope that's fixed now! I hope it gets better soon...

Anonymous said…
Hugs on the "R." They suck!

But, I'm glad to hear things are turning around! :D
caterpillar said…
What an eventful week....But I'm glad it got better...
Wow, and I thought my week was bad. Glad things improved.
Amie Kaufman said…
Heartbreaking to get that from the agent after so long, and we would have loved to have you here in Australia!

I'm so glad things are turnign around--hope these are the first steps in many that lead upward!
Unknown said…
You poor thing! I am so glad things started looking up there at the end. Hugs all around!

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