Happiness is in the Heart, Not the Circumstances

At least that's what my Dove candy wrapper told me a few weeks back.

And I've thought long and hard about that lately.

Because I keep saying:

I'll be happy when....

I get an agent
I sell my book(s)
People are reading my book(s)
I have a successful writing career
I sell my house
I move
My daughter gets help in school
I have more money
I lose weight
Hubby is finally finished with his PhD
Spring finally blooms
It's summer vacation
The sun shines
It's the weekend so I can relax
The kids are back in school so I can write again
I finish these stupid Easter dresses
I finish some projects lying around
The laundry is done
The house is cleaned

You know what?
None of those things are going to make me happy. Because THINGS cannot make us happy. Living a good life, surrounded by friends, family and loved ones are what make us happy - should we chose to find joy in it.

So...I'm going to be happy even if:

I don't get an agent
I find my own way to publish my book(s)
I have to work hard for others to find and read my book(s)
I make my own success
I don't sell my house
I don't move
My daughter doesn't get help in school
I never earn a large paycheck
I stay as fat as a beached whale
Hubby takes 4 more months to finish his PhD
Spring is cold and rainy
I have to wait a bit longer for summer vacation
It's cloudy till the day I die
I never get to relax on the weekend
The kids are back in school so I can write again
I finish these stupid Easter dresses and they're not perfect
I never finish the projects lying around my house
The laundry is piled sky high
I hire a maid to do all the housework

So what about you? Are you going to be happy despite the "Despites" or are you going to wait to find your joy?


Great post. I'm happy today because it's spring. And there are flowers in my garden. :)
NiaRaie said…
You (and Dove) are so right. Sometimes it's easy to give an excuse for not being happy, but you can seek out happiness in the little things. At least I try to. Good Luck :)
Jemi Fraser said…
All I need is a maid! Oops - so not the point! Actually I'm usually a very happy person because of and despite what I've got/not got! :)
Joe Toth said…
Thanks Amie your thoughts and conclusions really brighten a terrible week.
February Grace said…
Great post. Enjoy every moment of that happiness--life goes too quickly to give up a second waiting for it to find you.

Jennifer Shirk said…
YOu bet. I'm happy right now. :-)
Rose Cooper said…
great post! And you're absoultely right! It also seems that when you do get the things you want that "should" make you happy, you're not. There will always be something standing in your way if you let it.
Cyndi Tefft said…

I could not agree more. I'm reading Geneen Roth's book Women, Food and God, and this sentiment ties in perfectly to the theme of her book. Be present in the moment and embrace life with each breath!

And for the record, you are not "fat as a beached whale!" You are beautiful, my friend! :)


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