Interview with Rose Cooper

As many of you already know, Rose Cooper and I go waaay back. Like a WHOLE ENTIRE year! We met through the group blog, From The Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors, and the rest is pretty much history!

So when I was approached by Rose and Random House to participate in her blog tour I was kinda like "Ah, shucks!" Then, "Heck yah!" Followed by "Sa-Weet!" Because I <3 Rose and hosting for her blog tour makes me all kinds of happy! :)

And not only do we get a super fab interview with Rose, but I'm super excited to reveal some never before seen book covers!

Okay - on with the show!

Me: How much influence did you have with designing the cover?
Rose: some

Me: Can you elaborate?
Rose: I drew Sofia’s head.

Me: She has a really big head.
Rose: (shrugs).

Me: How many times did the cover change?
Rose: Once.
Me: Prove it.



Rose: I drew the toilet paper too.
Me: Yes, you have some mad skills.
Rose: The maddest.

Me: What other countries has GOSSIP been sold to?
Rose: (counts on fingers) Vietnam, Portugal, China. Oh, and Spain. It was released in Spain in February.
Me: Prove it:
Rose: (pulls picture out of shoe)

Publishers selected images from the book for the front and back cover

Me: Um, translation please.
Rose: Diario de Sofía desde el cuarto de baño de chicas is translated as: Journal of Sofia from the Girls’ Bathroom. People (in Spain) say it’s Diary of Greg for girls. That’s what they call Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Me: Care to impress me further?
Rose: (whips out another book cover) I drew her head again.

RUMORS FROM THE BOYS’ ROOM: A Blogtastic! Novel In stores 10-11-11

Me: Her head is still rather big
Me: Has anyone told you how awesome you are?
Rose: Is that a rhetorical question?

(For the record, it's not a rhetorical question - Rose IS awesome!)

If you haven't read Blogtastic! Gossip From the Girl's Room, what are you waiting for?!

And don't forget to be uber cool and pre-order your copy of Rumors From The Boys' Room!

Many thanks to Rose and Random House for inviting me to be part of this Blogerific Blogtastic! blog tour! (How many times can you say BLOG in one sentence?)


Jen Daiker said…
You two crack me up! Congrats on all the awesome success Rose!! I love the book covers you ended up with and I have to say that The Diary of Greg for girls makes me giggle!!!
Vicki Rocho said…
Hysterical interview! I wanna hang out with you two!
Talli Roland said…
Love that interview, you guys! Rose is so super talented.
Matthew MacNish said…
Rose rules! I can't believe I wasn't following your blog. What's wrong with me?

I've fixed that now. Nice to meet you!
Rose Cooper said…
Amie is the best! So is Jen. And Vicki. And Talli. And Matthew. lol

Matthew--you should've been following Amie eons ago!!!

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