Super Secret Project!

I've been kinda absent for a while here in the blogger world, posting only occasionally. And really flaking on reading other blogs.

But, there's a good reason for it. I've been hard at work on a super secret project. But, it's not secret anymore!

Rose Cooper and I joined creative forces and built an etsy shop together! And I promise you, it's the bomb!

You'll want to visit our etsy shop, Happily Etsy After, because we're giving away a pair of earrings

and an art print to one lucky winner! Who doesn't love a good contest and free stuff?

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Happily Etsy After and see what we're all about!

Oh and just leave a comment here to be entered!


Laura Pauling said…
Cute shop. and what fun. Best of luck with it!
Christine Danek said…
Sounds like fun. Congrats on your new venture. I will check it out.
Good luck with it.
Rose Cooper said…
me! Me! I want! lol
eliza said…
Cute Site.. It would be nice to win something.
Jen Daiker said…
So excited about these earrings!!! I love the Etsy site you two are such creative girls! I LOVE KNOWING YOU!!!
Casey said…
Hey there! How's it going?! (I really couldn't think of anything to say, because I fail.)
Anne N Kenny said…
What cute stuff! Who makes the froggies?
melissa said…

You're invited to an Online E-Party with MaryKay!
Visit my blog for more directions.
Amy said…
Hi Amie,
Thanks for letting me know about your new venture! The site is unique. Love the jewelry and the paintings! Keep me informed on your move and how Bethanie is doing. Miss you guys!


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