I particated in National Picture Book Writing Week from May 1- May 7th and boy, what an interesting challenge! I'd never written a picture book until now (well, actually that's kind of a lie, I did write one picture book when I was in college....wish I could find that sucker, it was pretty good!). But I'm really glad I participated in the challenge.

For one - it encouraged me to do something I hadn't tried before (or, well, in a long time).

For two - it was an easy goal. 500 words a day (or thereabouts).

For three - it got me writing again. I've been in a funk ever since I started querying my MG book and sadly haven't written anything in a long time (and by long I mean 6 months or more). I realized that I missed writing a LOT. I mean, I knew I missed it, but the querying process beat me down so bad it took the joy out of writing. Especially when I was hearing stupid reasons for agents not liking my book. The most recent one said she wanted it to be more spooky. Uh, it was pitched as humorous. < shrugs > Yes, The Wizard of Oz would have been a hoot as a dark horror story. Whatev.

So now I'm kind of inspiried to finially get back to that YA I was working on and finish that sucker(I started it Sept 2009...and kept shelving it). And I'm going to write it because I LOVE IT. Not because 4 agents are waiting on it. Not because I care what market trends are. Simply because I LOVE this story and I'm so invested in the characters.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
What about you? Are you motived by challenges? What gets you excited to write again after a funk? Have you ever been in a funk? What did you have for breakfast?


Laura Pauling said…
I understand you. Going through the query process is not easy. And it can beat you down and bring discouragement that makes it really hard to write. I try my best to separate myself from the process and go into it with low expectations. And I need to be working on something new and excited about it so the rejection stings less. Glad you're getting back into it!
NiaRaie said…
Yay for writing for fun! Because once your queries start getting rejected it does make you a little doubtful. I'm glad you've got your joy back though :)
Nicole Zoltack said…
Challenges and deadlines are HUGE motivators for me. Give me a deadline and I will do everything in my power to make sure I meet it. But I'm not quite as strict with self-imposed deadlines.
There's a reason it's called query hell. ;)

I've never been in a writer's funk before. My characters and new ideas get me excited. Oh, and I had oatmeal for breakfast. I live for my oatmeal. :D
Nicole Zoltack said…
Btw, I have an award for you at my blog. :)
Seven picture books written in a week! YAY for you, Amie!!!

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