Blogging Etiquette

While there are many, many rules to writing, there are just a few simple rules about blogging. They are probably more my opinion than fact, but I believe it's a good start.

1- Don't quote someone without their permission or linking to their site and giving them credit. This is kind of a no brainer and it's really pretty much protocol for life.
2 - Don't turn a private conversation/debate/what-have-you into a public blog post. And certainly don't write that post hastily when you're all offended/upset/heated because you're only going to make yourself look bad. 'Nuff said about that.
3- If the topic you are writing about is your opinion, it should be clear to your readers. If it's a factual, informative post, try to link to some evidence/facts/data to substantiate it.
4- Be kind. Remember other writers are your friends. They will buy your books, they will host you during blog tours, they will spread the word - good or bad. And I think we'd all like to have people speaking kindly about us.
5- Reciprocate. I once heard it said that the amount of return you receive in blogging is directly related to the amount of your effort (or something alon those lines). So if you want people to read your blog, you must read theirs. (I'm probably the last person to preach this!)

So what blogging etiquette do you live by?


Laura Pauling said…
Those are wonderful. My biggest one is I never share anything too personal about the journey to publication unless it's in hindsight. As popular as those posts are, in the long run, I don't think they reflect well on the writer.
Anne Gallagher said…
Great list. My only rule is to comment back to each person who commented on my blog. It's the least I could do if they stop by to respond to my post. I hate when you go somewhere and comment and you never hear from that person, either by responding to your comment on their post or stopping by your blog, or emailing you a response. I've had too many "friends" finally get an agent and a book deal and then forget all about the people who were there with them in the beginning.
KarenG said…
I second Anne's comment. Bloggers love comments, so if someone comments on a post, go visit their blog! Personal email responses are fine but not as a substitute to actually visiting the blog and commenting! I try to do this but often fall behind but hopefully my commenters are the first ones I visit during my blog time.

Venting is okay sometimes but definitely not personal issues with individuals, either in posts or comments. I've seen it mostly in comments back and forth on some blogs I used to follow, with commenters arguing to each other, and to me it's just poor taste all around.
Meredith said…
That's pretty much it for me! Basically, be smart about blogging. And be kind.
Angela Felsted said…
Great advice, Amie. Especially that last one. I know the reason I get fewer comments is because I have less time to read blogs lately. And yes, of course I return comments, but sometimes it takes longer than I want it to.
Ciara said…
Number two is so important. I've seen people do this several times and it has completely turned me off of their blog.
Anonymous said…
Great tips!

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