I'm an absolute sucker for contests. I love them. Everything about them. Well, except for the not winning part....which is usually the case with me since I seem to have the luck of a rabbit missing all four of its feet.

Anywho...My BFF, Rose Cooper, is having an ultimate contest on her blog today. You. Must. Check. It. Out. NOW!

Why are you still hanging out here? Go! Skidaddle. Get on with your bad self and win that contest! Be sure to tell her I sent you!


Angela Felsted said…
Thanks for the heads up.
thanks! I've been hearing so much about her book!
FYI, you should try hopping over to my little contest to see if your luck may change.
Anonymous said…
Super cool. Checking it out in 3...2...1
Janet Johnson said…
I love contests, too! Sending all my luck your way though. It's always fun to win. :)
cool! Thanks for the heads up!
Talli Roland said…
Eeek! Okay then! Headed over now. :)
Jen Daiker said…
I feel awful that I didn't know about this! JUMPING OVER NOW!
Rose Cooper said…
Thanks for posting this, Amie! I just realized, lol. You're the best!

Don't feel awful Jen...I didn't really tell anyone plus my blog posts have been so sporatic!
Ciara said…
Off to check it out. :)

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