October brings....Snow?

October is nearly over and I've only now realized that somehow the month escaped without a single blog post from yours truly.

Time seems to pass at such a rapid rate....I swear only yesterday I was sending my girls off on the first day of school! Yet, somehow the quarter has already come to an end and we're facing first quarter report cards.

It's been a busy month with two birthdays, out of town guests, class parties and of course, Halloween preparations. Then there's the writing....which I've been doing a lot of lately! Revisions on my MG story CINDERSKELLA and I'm nearly finished with a humorous MG/Chapter Book, MADDIE & MIKEY. She's like a slightly grown-up Junie B Jones, with a southern twang. Her misadventures with her little brother get her into more trouble than a 'coon in a garbage can!

Then there's today....where October has brought...snow?! I mean, what the heck? I'm not particularily fond of the white stuff in the best of circumstances, but bring in when I'm supposed to be ejoying the peak of fall? The beautiful colors of the leaves before they drop from the trees? The hayrides, apple eating and pumpkin picking? The Trick-or-treating? Foil that and I'm less than happy.

But I suppose I'm making the most of it. Curled up in a blanket, sitting by a fire, enjoying some hot cocoa. And writing. :)

What are you doing to enjoy the last days of October?


Anonymous said…
Yup, snow. Geesh.

Happy writing!

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