NaNo NoNo

As luck would have it (not) I got sick. The day after Halloween. The same day I was supposed to start NaNo.

With a fever, aches and a mucus factory for sinuses, I was pretty much confined to the couch. And even though I have a laptop, I was just too sick to write. Though, I did try. I managed to squeek out about a thousand words. But now, I'm about 9,000 words behind schedule. YIKES!

Okay, so I admit, I went into this knowing that I was going to be a NaNo weakling. I just wanted to get a "good start" on a book. I figured if I made it to 25,000 or 30,000 words I'd be happy. But how on earth am I supposed to even come close to that now?

So my NaNo advice: Don't get sick! Yup. It's a big NaNo NoNo.

Although, I'll admit, that's pretty difficult with cold and flu season upon us. There's got to be a better way to combat NaNo sickness.
If you're like me, writing while you're sick just doesn't work (especially when the fever is so icky that I've got on four layers of clothes and sweaters, not to mention the three blankets I was swaddled up in).

So what to do now? I'm so far behind I can't play catch up because I'd only exhaust myself (and probably end up very frustrated). Besides NaNo isn't a race to the finish line with the quickest time the winner. No, NaNo is simply a journey to accomplish a common goal. My only option now is to be the tortoise, not the hare. Slow and steady. I'll eventually finish the marathon.


Anne Gallagher said…
I think the first year I did NaNo I got sick too. Which made me give up. But don't give up. You never know how far you'll get if you don't try. Slow and steady wins the race.
Meredith said…
Ugh, how awful! I hope you feel better soon! And I think NaNo is all about what works for you, so you can set your own pace. Good luck!
Nisa said…
And don't go on a cruise. That doesn't help either. I'm still gonna try, but... we'll see. I also have a new language to learn... Yeah, I'm having some strong doubts.
Nicole Zoltack said…
I hope you feel better soon! The goal of nano is to write, period. Yes, there's the magical 50K, but just write what you can. Every word written is a victory.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I got sick before Nano and decided to nix it.

I hope you feel better soon! *hugs*
I'm so sorry you've been ill. But I have to admit, I'm always surprised when NaNo participants worry about falling behind because really, they're flying by in the fast lane, making more progress than they usually do. It's something to be proud of - even if you don't get there as fast as desired. Good luck!
Mirka Breen said…
Courage! Nine thousand words with the flu/cold beating on your brain is equal to triple that for the virus-free.
Give yourself a pat-on-the-back and some tea.
Shelley Sly said…
Aww I hope you feel better! I just had the flu 2 weeks ago. I couldn't write or edit at all. Just too much going on inside and I had to sleep it off. Get plenty of rest! And good luck with NaNo -- just do your best!

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