Welcome Author CK Bryant!

Many of you probably know of the awesomeness that was the Dark C.A.R.M.A. tour and release this past Friday. Three fabulous YA indie authors joined together to celebrate and promote the release of their first books! Today I have the priviledge of interviewing Christine (CK Bryant) and sharing that with all of you. Christine is way kewl so you're in for a real treat!

Welcome Christine! * waves * So glad you could join us! Whaddya say we get straight to business? K? k!

Me: So, what's your MC's quirk? (C'mon, I know she's got one! Even if it's just a love for stinky cheese.)

Christine: Hmmm, good question. She likes cats, does that count? Her mom would never let her have one, but she's got kitten posters in her bedroom and she certainly has a way with Toran. And we can't forget how she falls for the biggest cat of all, Octavion. Maybe it's all the purring and cuddling.

Me: And what about yours? (It's okay, we're all friends here!)

Christine: Ha! I don't think I have any quirks. Okay, maybe one or two. I'm a hair twirler. Isn't that cliche? I'm also a little OCD when it comes to people messing with stuff in my office. I can tell the minute I walk through the doorway if something's been moved. It's my space, dang it. I want it kept the way I left it, mess and all. ;-)

Me: I have quirks. Lots of 'em. Too many to name here! So, yeah * changes subject *...how about your MC's love interest? Any stinky cheese in the near future?

Christine: Again with the stinky cheese? LOL Well, I think I'd be in big trouble if I didn't say Octavion. I wouldn't want him transforming and eating me because I brought up a past boyfriend or some other character, like his cousin, Luka. The battle of the cats would be on for sure. Besides, Octavion is yummy. Why would Kira need anyone else?

Me: Sounds yummy! What about you? What's your love interest? (And I hope it's something good....like say....oh I don't know....chocolate!)

Christine: This one's easy. CHOCOLATE!! Need I say more?

Me: Yes! A girl after my own heart!  As much as I pine for chocolate, it is my downfall, too.  Does your MC have an obstacle she has to face?

Christine: Wow, tough questions. Of course there's Shandira and her evil scouts, but honestly, I think Kira's biggest obstacle is her lack of confidence. She's been put down her whole life by her mother's flavor-of-the-month boy friends and her mother calls her Mouse because she's always under foot. Kira could become a strong woman if she'd just climb out of her shell.

Me:  So, what about you? What kind of obstacles do you face?

Christine:  This one is easy. My biggest obstacle is my weight. All kidding aside, I struggle constantly with just getting around. I'd give just about anything to be skinny and healthy.

Me: Oh man, I think we all wish to be skinny and healthy, no matter what our size.  And, in case you didn't know, you're beautiful, Christine!  * cyber hugs * So you up for a quick game?....
Name the following for MC/You:

favorite food - Ice cream / Fettuccine Alfredo
favorite color - green / pink
favorite piece of clothing - worn out jeans / fuzzy socks
apples or bananas - apples / bananas
broccoli or asparagus - Ick, neither / Broccoli
chocolate or vanilla - Too plain. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough / Vanilla with Chocolate pudding on top. Don't laugh, it's good.
shoes or purse - Can never have too many sneakers / purse and totes

Me:  Sa-weet! So in closing, two last questions. What's the worst part about self pubbing/being an indie author?

Christine:  It's dang hard and time consuming. There are so many things that have to be done and all in the right order. Formatting was a nightmare, but I made it though that part. Also, the stigma that goes along with self-pubbing sucks. A lot of people think because you are self-published, you're not good enough for the traditional house. And in some cases that might be true--there are a lot of badly written and edited books out there that are self-published. But I've done my homework--had it professionally edited and rewritten it until it's exactly where I want it to be. It's SO ready to be out there and I can't wait to hear how it is received.

Me: * Wipes brow * That sounds like hard work! So....on the flipside, tell us the best part.

Christine:  Control! I love being the one who decides what my cover looks like and what scenes can stay or go. I also love having the freedom to publish other books close together. In most traditional publishing houses, they only allow one book a year to go out.

Wow. Sounds like so many things to consider! And your character and book sound so exciting. I can't wait to read it!

As a thank you, Christine has graciously offered up a free ecopy of her book, BOUND! Just leave a comment (and be sure you're a follower of my blog) then go follow Christine's blog! Contest ends Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011.  Winner will be announced Wednesday, November 30th, 2011


C. K. Bryant said…
Thanks for doing the interview, Amie. It was a lot of fun. Can't wait to see who the winner of the contest is.

Laura Pauling said…
If anyone has been following the publishing biz they know that books are purchased, usually, according to what is hot and what publishers need. To me, that means if a great writers queries on the downside of a trend, they might be out of luck. But that in no way means they aren't good enough to be published!

Angie said…
Great interview. It's nice to learn more about Christine and her MC. Best of luck with your book, Christine! Thanks, Amie.
Amie Borst said…
laura - i couldn't agree more! and authors need to take the path that is right for them.
angie - i had so much fun getting to know both of them better :)
Anonymous said…
Fun interview! Congrats, CK! :)
Lydia Kang said…
The book sounds amazing. Thanks Amie and Christine!

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