Aging Gracefully

I thought I was aging gracefully....little to no wrinkles, no need to color my hair (yeah, that blonde you see on the sidebar, yup that's au natural), and I think I'm pretty hip. Uh, cool. I mean kewl. Or epic. Yeah, that's me. I'm epic.

So, as any epic twenty-something (yes, I'm twenty something for the tenth time or so, what's it to you?) would do, I watched the Grammys. And it was all good. Loving Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry and everything inbetween.

Until.....enter Nicki Minaj. And I was all WTFreak?! And WTHEck? And Say wha?? I honestly thought my ears might bleed at one point. I mean, what was that?

If you understood it, please do elaborate. Cause I'm stumped.


Nisa said…
After that intro, I was way to afraid to actually listen to the video. Hehe!
Well, shucks, the video no longer is available. Can you tell us more, Amie? I didn't see it the night of the Grammy's.
Amie Borst said…
trust me. you weren't missing anything kimberley! it was an "exorcism" complete with a priest, alter boys and a levitation. very disturbing.
Yikes, Amie - good to know that I *didn't* miss anything! :-)

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