Wrong Genre

A few days ago I was prompted to read over some WIP's, most of which I'd shelved for a bit. And after reading a few pages of each of them, I realized a few things:

I LOVE reading YA.
I suck at writing a good YA voice.
I enjoy reading MG...but not quite as much as I enjoy reading YA.
I EXCELL at a really believable MG voice.

So what the heck does that say about me? Do I need more practice writing YA? Should I read more MG?

Honestly? I dunno.

Then there's the fact that YA is an easier sell than MG (even though there are so many reports of agents and editors searching for MG, I hear of MG deals a lot less than YA).

So there's the age-old question - do you write for the market?

Well, you could. I could. We all could. But why?

Because the market demands it? Sure. But you also know the answer to that - by the time you've written to the trend, it's usually long over.

Should you write what you know? Write what you love?

I'd wager those are the better options.

So I'm going to keep writing MG because I'm good at it. I enjoy it and look forward to opening those documents. The best part is hearing other people laugh when they read my MG stories. I really like making people laugh. I think that's the best part of MG. It's acceptable to laugh, still. Maybe that's why I'm good at it...I need to laugh after all the stress I've had this last year.

Have you ever discovered that you were writing the wrong genre? What did you do to remedy it?


Nisa said…
That's an awesome reason to write MG, making people laugh. I think you nailed it, though. If you love it, write it. And don't give up on your YA works either. You can seriously write, girl. Just keep doing it and they'll get better and better. (And who said you sucked at YA? I've enjoyed what I've read!)
Amie Borst said…
thanks nisa - on all counts! you're a sweetheart :)
Laura Diamond said…
Isn't that interesting!!!!

Gotta go where your talents lie, right?

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