A Little About My Co-Author

My 12 year old co-author is a funny kid. And by funny I mean she's pretty much hysterical.

She says things like, "I like running into stores asking what year it is then screaming, 'It worked! It worked! My machine really worked!'"

Or she'll prank her Opa with a rubber snake. Saying that Opa hates snakes is the understatement of the year. So when she strategically places that snake in a spot that makes him do a two-step, well, you can bet that it will be full-out belly laughs and rolling on the ground. Though I'm willing to bet Opa feels differently about that ;)

And the dinner table...oh man. We've had more drinks spurted through our noses, more food falling out of our mouths and more napkins wiping up tears of laughter than a middle-school cafeteria!

Our house is filled with laughter and it's because of Bethanie.

In fact, to be perfectly honest, she really is the humor behind our writing.

I couldn't be nearly that clever.

She has a gift of humor and I'm so thankful she shares it with our family.

And now...because one publishing house took a chance on a mother-daughter writing team, because they fell in love with our manuscript, because they believed in us... she has an opportunity to share it with the world!

How awesome is it that she can say she'll be a published author at 12 years old? I happen to think that's pretty kewl.

I'm so glad to share this journey with her. I couldn't have asked for a better co-author, daughter and friend.

If you want to show a little cyber love to her, please go "like" our Facebook page. AmieAndBethanieBorst https://www.facebook.com/AmieAndBethanieBorst


What a beautiful post, Amie. Bethanie sounds terrific - and what an accomplishment for you both! I'm in awe. Congratulations!!!
Meredith said…
Oh my goodness, that time machine joke made me crack up! I need to try that at some point. So happy for both of you!
Liesel K Hill said…
What a special kid! And how great that the two of you can share this! Not many people in that boat! Sounds like you enjoy every minute! :D
Anonymous said…
Congrats, Bethanie!!!!

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