A Preliminary Look at My Upcoming Giveaway!

I'm having a huge contest on Monday. Seriously HUGE!

There will be over 15 authors...and I'm not name dropping here... *A-hem, Rose Cooper* or here... *Cough, CK Bryant*... or here... *Clears throat, Christine Fonseca*... who are donating critiques, copies of their books, and lots of other awesome!

So spread the word and GET READY TO RAWK THE AWESOME!!!!


Hi! I'm an author. I saw a post on Author's think Tank on FB that you are looking for stuff to offer in a giveaway. I'd love to b a part of this!! How? I have a new novel just out and one put out last year that is doing very well. Here is my blog http://www.wordpaintingsunlimited.com/
Let me know! Thank you sooo much!
Amie Borst said…
hi sherry - i left a comment on your blog...please contact me at Amiegr8tstuff (at) aol (dot) com so we can chat! looking forward to including you!
Anonymous said…

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