The Great Giveaway of Awesome (aka It's My Birthday) (aka I want to say THANK YOU)

Today is my birthday! *Hands out cupcakes and party hats* *Turns on music* *Dances* *Gets strange looks*

Moving on...

I've also reached a social networking milestone - over 200 blog followers and over 500 twitter followers! *My condolences to all of you*


Because it's my birthday and I've reached a milestone and I'm kind of the bees knees I'm throwing a humungo giveaway! (Writerly types - stop editing! That sentence was awesome!)


This giveaway is all about paying it forward. That's right! Paying it forward to all my readers, the awesome online writing community and the family, friends and everyone else who supports us!
Honestly, the online writing community has been so incredible. They are some of the most giving, generous people I've never met. They've given their time, shared their knowledge and provided support like none other. My co-author and I wouldn't be where we are today without the countless hours of mentorship, and most importantly, friendship, if it weren't for the online writing community.

They've taught me that success and fulfillment comes in all forms, be it Indie publishing, getting the phone call from an agent, or finding your home with a small press.  I've learned from each of them, that the path to success might be different, but in the end it all comes down to one thing: having a network of support, and a readership who loves your work, is all that matters.

I really wanted a way to thank them - all of them - for everything they've done. I wanted to show my gratitude to my readers as well. After some brainstorming, which resulted in a lot of blank stares, the idea came to me out of the blue: Pay It Forward!

What better way to thank all of you than to host a giveaway! 

Here's what I've got for you!

Adrienne Monson Torkildson ( is my publishing sister. We've only recently met, but she has already shown so much support. Her paranormal series, DISSENSION, is scheduled for release next year. She's donating a THREE CHAPTER CRIT of your manuscript!

I first met Alisa Hope Wagner through her twin sister, Christina, who designed my beautiful blog! Alisa writes Christian women's fiction and is such an inspiration of strength to me! Her short story appears in GOD MAKES LEMONADE, which will be given to one lucky winner!

A very long time ago, way back in 2009, I started blogging. Amy Allgeyer Cook ( was one of the very first bloggers to support me. I interviewed her when she released her first book and I was lucky enough to receive a copy. She's donating a copy of that middle-grade book, THE IRON BODKIN!

Angela Felsted ( is the blogger who I've always identified as a true poet. Her work is beautiful; revealing unique, skilled and lovely artistry. Someone will win a copy of her poetry book, CLEAVE.

Angie Ledbetter ( is an amazing poet and photographer. Her work often makes me delve deep, examine my life and reflect on the beauty around me. She truly has a gift. Angie's donating a CHAPTER/SHORT STORY/or POEM CRIT!

Angie Lofthouse ( and writes science fiction and her book DEFENDERS OF THE COVENANT was recently published with Walnut Springs Press. She's donating a copy of all three of her ebook novellas -CONSECRATED, REFUGE and RENEGADE!

I first met Chersti Nieveen ( at the BYU WFYR Conference in Provo, Utah back in 2009. At that time she had shared a hysterical young reader/middle grade book. Since then she's gone on to write YA, land an agent and start "Writer's Therapy" (find out more at She's donating a MOUSE PAD with the writer's therapy logo!

Christine Fonseca ( is about one of the kindest, most genuine and generous people I've never met. We may know each other through social networking only, but her support has meant the world to me and I'm thrilled to hear of each of her successes as a writer! She's donated TWO prizes (see - I told you she was generous!) - A FIRST CHAPTER CRIT and a copy of her book LACRIMOSA will go to one lucky winner!

I remember when Christine Weston Bryant ( was toying with the idea of becoming an Indie author. Now she's sold over 10,000 books and has appeared on TV! She's giving away an ecopy of BROKEN the second book in THE CRYSTOR series (BOUND - book one - also happens to be free right now!)!!

Daniel Rider ( is an author I met at a NYC pitch conference. My experience at the conference changed so many things - and having Daniel beta some early projects gave me a new perspective on my work. His book INDIAN SUMMER was recently published and is his prize contribution to this giveaway!

Danyelle Leafty ( started off as a friend of a friend...isn't that how we meet most of our online writer friends? And what a blessing it's been to know her! She's brave, smart and talented! One lucky winner will receive a CHAPTER CRIT from her and a copy of her book, SLIPPERS OF PEARL!

My publishing bro, Eric Bishop, ( an upcoming release of his first novel, THE SAMARITAN'S PISTOL, in 2013.  He's graciously agreed to donate a 10 PAGE CRIT.

Jennifer Murgia ( had a wonderful book series published with LandsAtlantic Publishing, a small publishing house specializing in YA. With great success in her ANGEL STAR series she has since landed an agent.  Jennifer will CRIT A QUERY LETTER!

Another publishing sister is Jennifer Stewart Griffith. ( Her fifth book, BIG IN JAPAN, released last month! I think any writer who walks away with her prize of a CHAPTER CRIT wins the knowledge of a talented, experienced writer!

Jennifer Wardell ( is also a publishing sister. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful, supportive authors, editors and a rocking publishing team at Jolly Fish Press! Thanks to Jennifer, one writer will receive a QUERY CRIT.

It's only been a few short months since I met Kit Grindstaff ( Twitter - but already I feel a kinship with this wonderful lady! Her first book, THE FLAME IN THE MIST, releases early 2013 from Delacorte Press!  She's donating a FIRST TWO CHAPTERS CRIT (Up To 15 Pages) and STARTERS by Lissa Price.

Kimberely Griffiths Little ( - my Mixed-Up Files Cohort and friend - has been a support through my publishing journey and during personal trials as well. Her love and kindness have meant the world to me.  She's a gifted writer who writers for the Middle-Grade audience. She's providing a signed copy of two of her three books: a paperback of THE HEALING SPELL and a hardcover of CIRCLE OF SECRETS!

Laura Diamond ( is the resident psychiatrist in the blogosphere! If you don't know her, then you've probably been living under a rock. She's funny, enthusiastic and talented! And if you're lucky enough you just might walk away with a THREE CHAPTER CRIT!

Laura Golden ( is a sweetheart that I met through Twitter. Her first book, EVERY DAY AFTER, from Delacorte Press is due to be released Spring 2013. I'm thrilled to interview her during her book launch at The Mixed-Up Files! She's sharing her favorite writing books, and a winner will get to select one of the following: BIRD BY BIRD by Anne Lamont, ON WRITING by Stephen King, WRITING THE BREAKOUT NOVEL by Donald Maass, THE WRITER'S GUIDE TO CRAFTING STORIES FOR CHILDREN by Nancy Lamb, PICTURE WRITING by Anastasia Suen, HOW TO WRITE A CHILDREN'S PICTURE BOOK by Eve Heidi Bine-Stock

My publishing sister, Liesel Hill, ( is another in the happy family at Jolly Fish Press. This very well may be the most happening, jazzy family in history! Liesel's book, CITADELS OF FIRE, releases in 2013. Because we all know how important first impressions are, her prize is a QUERY CRIT!

C Michelle Jefferies ( and I have quite the history together. When I used to run Free Query Critique Fridays on my blog, she entered her query...multiple times.  That query landed her a book deal with Walnut Springs Press !!  Yet, I feel as though I owe her the world. If it hadn't been for her posts on facebook I would have never learned about Jolly Fish Press!  Michelle's first book, EMERGENCE, comes out in September - and she's giving away a signed, personalized copy to a lucky winner!

Fantasy writer Nicole Zoltack ( written some pretty fantastical tales! She also offers editing services and is an editor with MuseItUp Publishing. If you want great editing advice, then cross your fingers for her prize of a FIRST CHAPTER CRIT!

Rose Cooper ( my BWFE (Best Writing Friend Ever)! I can't say enough great things about her. She's my friend, crit partner, supporter and laugh partner. We've never met in person but if we did the world had better watch out! There wouldn't be a room big enough to contain our laughter! Rose is the author of the fabulous BLOGTASTIC! series and because her query help is what landed me a three-book deal, she's offering a QUERY CRIT to one super-lucky-ducky!

Shelena Shorts ( happens to be my neighbor! She was also one of my very first beta readers. Shelena is the author of THE PACE series and her most recent work, THE SYNDICATE, was released over the summer. She'll send a signed copy of THE SYNDICATE to the winner!

Sherry Gammon ( young adult fiction and her book UNLOVABLE will go to a lucky reader!

Teri Harman ( is not only another author at Jolly Fish Press, but she's also a columnist with KSL. Her first novel, BLOOD MOON, about gifted witches, appropriately releases on the summer solstice 2013. She wants to share a copy of SHADOW AND BONE by Leigh Bardugo!

Tina Scott ( is an artist, fellow author and blogger. She writes books for children and would like to donate one of her PICTURE BOOKS!

Entering is easy!! Just enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Entering is easy! There's only two requirements:

1) Follow my blog
2) Leave a comment with your email contact info

Now - if you want EXTRA entries (and who doesn't want extra entries??...I mean this giveaway is so huge you're going to want to get all the extra chances you can!) then there's a few things that you can do:

1) Follow the blogs of each of the authors in the giveaway (1 entry for each author you follow, for a total of 27 extra entries)
2) Tweet this giveaway (5)
3) Share this giveaway on Facebook (5)
4) Blog about it (5)
5) Follow each of of the authors on at least one social networking site: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc (1 entry for each author, for a total of 27 extra entries)
6) Follow me on Twitter (5)
7) "Like" my facebook page (5)
8) Total your entry points (I'm going to award 5 extra entries for this because I'm lazy)

That's a grand total of up to 84 extra entries!

27 winners (those with the "highest scores") will be selected from all the entries.

Open to US and Canada only.

Giveaway ends on Friday, September 21st, 2012, 11:00 pm est.  Winners will be announced and/or contacted on Monday, September 24th, 2012!


Happy Birthday, Amie and congratulations on meeting your social network milestones. You have an awesome celebration going on here. I tweeted it and put it on my fb page.

~waves~ to my girls, Amy, Angela, Christina, Nicole, and Angie L. Who I follow...

I follow you here and on twitter, so my points are: 1. 5 2. 5 3. 5 4. 0 5. 3 6. 5 7. 0 8. 5 = 28 points.
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday! I will be reposting this :)
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, Amie. I have no idea what my count will be. I have to go have a look at the other sites. I don't do twitter, so that one is out. But I can repost on FB. I never win anything anyway, but I do want to support those who have the courage and self discipline to write. (I am NOT jealous, at least that is what I keep telling my somewhat damaged ego.)
Daniel Rider said…
A big happy birthday to you, Amie! I'm going to start gathering points now, and I'll let you know how many I get!
Angie said…
A truly amazing giveaway! Happy Birthday, Amie!
eliza said…
Hey Amie, Happy Birthday.
Angie Ledbetter said…
What a wonderful birthday party --> gifts for your guests!
Anonymous said…
WOWEE! What a giveaway! Glad to see so many authors grouped together. I've got a lot of books to check out!

Happy birthday to you, Amie. ;)
Kittie Howard said…
Happy Birthday, Amie! What a wonderful party you're throwing.
Janet Johnson said…
Happy Birthday Amie! You have a great group of friends there. What a fun way to celebrate!
Rose Cooper said…
Happy Birthday, girl! And congrats on all things awesome! I want to enter too (who wouldn't?) as long as I don't win myself lol. I facebooked and tweeted and it's on my blogpost tomorrow :)
Trudy Ovard said…
"Happy Birthday", I hope you get your birthday wish! I love birthday parties. Thanks.
Ariell Larson said…
Happy birthday! So generous of you to share your birthday!
ariell dot larson at gmail dot com
Anonymous said…
You are not kidding this is a seriously humungo giveaway.
Okay, so, I have now done the following:

1 Followed your blog
1 Left this comment with my email address:
5 Liked your FB page
5 Followed you on Twitter…
5 and tweeted about this giveaway
5 Shared this giveaway on Facebook
16 And I am now following 16 of the listed authors on various networks.
5 Totaled my entry points.

For a grand TOTAL of:
43 entries (unless you count the 4 whose blogs/networks I was already following which would make it 47.)

Great giveaway! I love "meeting" new (to me) writers.

And Happy Birthday, Amie!!!
This is an EXCELLENT giveaway. I'm in, and my email will show up with my comment. Yay!
Unknown said…
GFC: Kassandra Fuentes




Follow Twitter: @kassiefuentes

Like Facebook: Kassandra

Rosi said…
Holy Guacamole. What a giveaway! Happy birthday to you.
Milly said…
I will second the Holy Guacamole comment! What a giveaway, Amie, and what a generous thing to do, too! I feel honored to know you!
Well, that previous comment was *Moi*! LOL. My daughter was still logged in to her account.

Happy Birthday, Amie!
Happy Birthday, Amie! You have designed quite the giveaway. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. May your writing meet will all the success you desire, Roland
Julie N. said…
happy belated birthday!
Amie Borst said…
Thanks everyone for stopping by and entering! I hope you'll continue to spread the word!
Lydia Kang said…
Awesome giveaway! I'm definitely tweeting, but no need to enter me into the drawing. You and your friends (many of them are my friends too!) are so generous!
Anonymous said…
I shared this on face book, I liked your face book page, and I am totaling my points so that's 15 for me. Roxanne
Pamela K Witte said…
Happy Birthday! And paying it forward is totally awesome,so the bee's knees! Keep rocking the writing. :)
Pamela K Witte said…
Oops forgot the email contact!
Karron said…
Amie, I have 79 points, as long as you count the ones I pinned in Pinterest, since I don't do twitter and not all of them had easy access to FB pages. Then, if you add in the extra five points, I have (let me count on my fingers . . . ) I have a total of 84 points. I am doing a LOT of on line reading right now, what with following all these folks!

Kayla (Lelvzen) said…
I just wanted to say thanks for the giveaway & celebration!

I won a book from Laura Golden. I choose 'Picture Writing' - I already got the book and it's great!

Thanks again for the great giveaway!

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