Welcome Jennifer Griffith!

Jennifer Griffith is the author of four published novels, including her latest, Big in Japan, the story of Buck Cooper, an accidental sumo wrestler. She lives in Arizona with her husband Gary and their five kids. She blogs and is on Facebook. Big in Japan is available at bookstores and online nationwide wherever books and ebooks are sold.

BIG IN JAPAN author, Jennifer Griffith, is here today with a fun, light-hearted interview. So pull up a chair, enjoy some chocolate and laugh along with us!

Me:  Hey Jennifer! Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace.  While we're here, why don't you tell me something.  Would you rather sumo wrestle a skunk in a vat of peanut butter or be chased by knife wielding men in hockey masks?

Jennifer:  I’d rather the sumo wrestler got into it with the skunk while I stand by watching and eating the vat of peanut butter. I am so addicted to peanuts and peanut butter! How much is too much peanut butter? I think it’s impossible to find out. And as for knife-wielding men, as long as they lend me the knives to spread peanut butter on homemade bread, they won’t need to do much chasing. I’ll even share. But they’ll have to take off their hockey masks or things could get messy.

Me:  Oh how I wish I could indulge in peanut butter again, even if it's just so I could watch that wrestling match!  So where does your writing inspiration come from?

Jennifer:  My writing inspiration comes from this really cute guy. His name is Gary. He sometimes comes home for lunch and we sit around eating Otter Pops and thinking up fun ideas for books. He had a great idea for my last book about a Galapagos Tortoise that was 160 years old with a trust fund of hundreds of millions of dollars, and he’s the guy who said, “Hey, you should write a story about a big American guy who goes to Japan and becomes a sumo wrestler.” He even suggested the love story. Every girl should marry someone with a fun brain like that.

Me:  I have no idea of what Otter Pops are but they sound good!  So if you couldn't eat those Otter Pops, which snack would you prefer to indulge in while writing? Salty or Sweet? Insects or Slimey things?

Jennifer:  Wellllll, in Japan, I’ll admit I did have to eat a cricket. It was on a dare, but I’d seen them for sale on little styrofoam plates in the grocery store lots of times. They were stir-fried in soy sauce and sugar, which made them taste a little like teriyaki, but those prickly legs? And the crispy outside? Not a snack I was likely to repeat on a daily basis! Meanwhile, I’m a writer and every novel I write should have stamped on the back, “This novel brought to you by cold cereal.” I cannot tell you how many boxes of Honeycomb cereal and Cheerios and Cocoa Puffs went into the making of Big in Japan. Mmm. I think I’d better go grab a handful right now.

Me:  Ah yes, the cold cereal novel.  My family is well acquainted.  Want to tell me about your next cold cereal project?  Or hot cereal project.  Maybe a lasagna project....

Jennifer:  The next project I’m working on is painting over all the slimy fingerprints in my house that won’t come off anymore, even with Magic Eraser. A lot of grimy things happened while I wrote Big in Japan, but it was worth it. Now I have to go back and do damage control. Thennnnn, when things are back to a livable level of chaos, I think I’ll work on a book I’m writing about art and stolen stuff from the Smithsonian museum. The only thing I’ve ever painted is walls, but I do love to spend hours and hours staring at the work of artists with real talent with a brush. I can’t wait to get back to that! Meanwhile, watch out for those blobs of semi-gloss. They might get on your shoe.

Me:  Yeah, I just had an altercation with some black spray paint yesterday afternoon.  My shoe wasn't the only thing in trouble!  Thanks for joining me here Jennifer!  To everyone else, thanks for stopping by and be sure to pick up your copy of BIG IN JAPAN!  And in case you missed the Great Giveaway of Awesome, Jennifer is one of the featured authors and she's giving away a chapter crit.  Today is the last day to enter!  If you'd like to win a copy of her book, BIG IN JAPAN, enter below!

Buck Cooper is Texan, obese, and invisible to his colleagues. And to the voluptuous Allison Turner, the girl of his dreams, he is way below parr. Buck's entire life is about fitting in, a feat he's been struggling to achieve but has never succeeded. Until serendipity lands him in Japan. Right in the middle of a sumo match. As his life takes a new turn in a country where being big can mean fame and fortune, Buck must embark on the most dangerous, yet adventurous ride of his life-to find the ultimate meaning of love and acceptance. Even if it means risking his life and giving up everything he has.

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Diana said…
Fun interview! I'm definitely interested in this book. My husband and I both love Japan and I'm curious about the main character's journey. And now I want to eat cocoa puffs.
Ariell Larson said…
I have heard good things about this book. I really would love to read it. I am sure I will sooner or later whether I win it or not. ;)
Thanks for introducing us to Jennifer. :)
Thanks for introducing us to Jennifer. :)

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