Creative Costume Contest

Halloween is only NINE days away! Not like I'm counting or anything. Not that I'm excited. Nope, not at all.

Since my book, Cinderskella, is inspired by all things Halloween, I thought it would be perfect to host a contest in honor of my (its-only-one-year-to-Cinderskella's-release-date) book!

So....its a super simple contest. Just leave a comment about your funniest, cutest, scariest, spookiest Halloween costume, party or moment and I'll vote on my favorite! The only rule: Please keep your comments G-rated. While I love all things Halloween, I prefer the Disney version of things ;)

For example:

My favorite Halloween costume is to pin smarties candies all over my pants and go as a "Smarty Pants" 

My favorite Halloween experience was when I was a teenager living in New York.  I worked at  Haunted Hayride and would get "hung" by an executioner 30 times a night.  I was harnessed into this contraption and a trap door would open beneath me, where I would then fall through the door (but really being supported by a hidden harness) and appear as though I had been hung.  One night the contraption broke, including my harness, and I fell about 6 feet through a small wooden door.  It wasn't funny at the time because I did get seriously injured (later requiring neck surgery for the injury I sustained) but I think back now and laugh at how stunned the audience was.  They kept saying how "real" it looked.  Yup.  That's because it was!  No acting required on that one!

Now it's time to hear your costume ideas and Halloween experiences!

What's in it for you, you ask? Well, you get to have loads of fun sharing your stories and/or costume ideas. Plus, you'll automatically be entered to win one of my favorite spooky Halloween reads - All The Lovely Bad Ones and Waith Till Helen Comes!  Mary Downing Hahn is kind of like the master of middle-grade ghost stories, so even if you don't win, be sure to pick up one of her spine-tingling reads this Halloween!

Two winners will each get to select one of the following paperback books:


Contest ends Monday, October 29th.  Winners will be chosen and contacted by Tuesday, October 30th!  Open to US and Canada only.

Happy Haunting!


Liesel K Hill said…
I always liked the costume idea of taping fake knives onto cereal boxes in such a way so the knives are "stabbing" the boxes. Then put the boxes on a string around your neck and go as a "cereal killer."

This year I might do one a found on pinterest. You just attach a zipper to your face with eyelash glue so that it "unzips" from your chin to just above your nose. Then you paint everything between the two legs of the zipper blood red and it looks like you've unzipped your skin, revealing raw muscle beneath. So gross! But sure to scare the crap out of everyone and super easy to do! :D I'm sure I'll have some stories to tell! :D
eliza said…
My favorite memories if Halloween would be the party's my parents threw in their barn. They would have everything from a haunted walk to games. Then one year I worked for a haunted light house, I would be on top of the light house and scream my character's husbands name then cone down the stairs and point at the tourist. My last and favorite memory is going trick or treating with my big sister Amie Borst.
I'm not one for dressing up much at Halloween, but the costume I liked the best was dressing up as a cat. Loved having a tail. Loved looking all slinky and svelt in my shiny costume. This year I'm going to a party so I'll be vampire. Simple costume, my own black tights. Oh! I'll be a 'fangless' vampire. Hate putting things in my mouth.
Angie said…
My grandma was the queen of Halloween and always had her house decorated with spooky/creepy stuff. We had a big family Halloween party at her house every year, and she'd put up a spook alley in her basement. Man, those were scary! I was afraid to sleep down there the rest of the year. :) It was always super fun. This year is the first time since before I can remember that we're not having a Taylor family Halloween party. I'm kind of bummed!
Amie Borst said…
thanks everyone for your fun comments, costume ideas and traditions! i loved hearing about each of them! winners will be contacted shortly :)

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