Today is the 26th - What's the Big Deal?

This morning my husband smiles at me and says, "Hey, you know what today is?"

Me: "Ummmm....Friday?"

Him: "Yeah, there's that. And there's the fact that it's the 26th."

Me: "Okay. Great."

Him: "You know what that means right?"

Me: "That Halloween is 5 days away."

Him: *rolls eyes* "That too."

Me: *awkward silence*

Him: "It's exactly one year - that's 365 days - until your book, Cinderskella, is released into the world."

Me: *acts coy* "Oh right. I knew that." *contains need to dance around the house Gangnam style*

Oh - what the heck! I'm dancing anyway!!!!!


One year, people. ONE YEAR!


Karlene said…
1. Yay for your book!

2. So that dancing stuff... basically you just do whatever you want with your hands and feet and the weirder it looks the better? I can do that. :)
Amie Borst said…
haha! yes, that would be about right! i excell at that kind of dance. ever seen my Elaine? (think: Seinfeld) it rawks the house!
Whoopie!!!!! That year will fly fast Amie -- wow!!!
Today is your day for celebrations that's for sure!

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